Genio Piano Silencer Basic Upright

Basic Standard Upright


Basic Standard Upright


Add a Genio system to your piano and discover a new universe of musical potential...

A Piano Silencer is a device that is installed into a real piano which allows you to play the piano through headphones, thus not disturbing those around you. Whether you have a grand piano or an upright, a new piano or used, Genio has a system for you.

When you activate the silent practice facility, the piano hammers will no longer hit the strings. Then a reliable and durable key sensor system captures all movements of the keys and sends this to the digital processing unit. By connecting the Genio high fidelity headphones you can play without disturbing others

16 High-resolution musical instrument sounds
16 user presets enable you to edit and save your favourite sounds
128 General MIDI musical instrument sounds to give you all the versatility you need for your music, as well as playback of Standard MIDI Files (SMF)
Use the built-in 4-track sequencer to record and monitor your performance, and build up complicated multi-part performances one track at a time.
Use your acoustic piano's keyboard to record music to a computer and score your performance using notation software
Connect to you stereo system

Genio Basic - Upright Piano: $1795 (Installation From: $895*)

* Please note extra installation charges will apply for additional work due to action and keybed condition and will be assessed and quoted at the time of installation. 

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