Johannus Classic 250 RACO

2 Manuals, 36 Voices, 47 Ranks

Price on Application

2 Manuals, 36 Voices, 47 Ranks

The Johannus Classic is an exciting encounter between classical beauty and modern beauty. It is such an organ without excesses still more than a full calling, which sounds the 21st century from all the registers, but at the same time stands proudly in his tradition. Such a wonderful tool that combines the best of both worlds. A consensus that makes you just happy.

Speaking of innovation... The Johannus Classic may unite the best of both worlds, but there is one area in which it absolutely stands alone: its phenomenal sound quality. Unique in the organ world, this self-contained audio system was conceived, designed and refined in that exclusive Johannus way.

This is what creates such an unforgettably realistic pipe organ experience when you are seated in front of the Johannus Classic. The experience that every organist secretly dreams of when he plays. Historic organ sounds, with every note drenched in rich European musical tradition.

The Johannus Classic owes its unequaled sound quality to the constant improvement and refinement of its technology. Constant innovation is exhibited in other areas as well.

The standard ASR-12â„¢ reverb system, for instance, which offers instant access to twelve unique digitally synthesized acoustic environments. The cathedral in your living room is now complete.


  • System: T9000
  • Manuals: 2
  • Voices: 36
  • Ranks: 47
  • Solo and orchestral voices (Panflute, Trumpet, Oboe, Strings): 4
  • Couplers: 3
  • Tremulants: 2
  • You can choose between 3 stoplists: Dutch-Romantic / German-Baroque / French-Symphonic