Johannus Opus 270 AGO

Contemporary home organs with unlimited potential

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Contemporary home organs with unlimited potential

For many decades, Johannus has surprised organists time and again with its Opus series. The concept is simple: complete home organs that offer a rich palette of possibilities. These contemporary instruments will blend seamlessly into the home of any organ lover.

The organ's multi-channel audio system distributes your inspirational music over many built-in speakers, producing the pure and natural sound of a pipe organ. Quite simply, this is an organ to fall in love with. Whether you prefer to play American classic, baroque historic or symphonic pieces, the Opus will respond intuitively to the registrations and settings that you select. What's more, it will respond with overwhelming passion. In the plenum, the Opus reveals its power, while in a cantus firmus, it spreads a wonderful calm throughout your home.

The pure and clear sound of the Opus 270 and 370 will bring the pipe organ into your living room. In fact, thanks to the selection of styles and twelve reverb programs, you won't have just one organ, but instead a whole range of different pipe organs in the comfort of your own home.

Technical Specifications


T (Programmable) Cancel/Recall


3 Couplers, 2 Tremulant, 2 Manuals, 36 Voices, 47 Ranks

External Connections:

  • MIDI (IN, MOD-out, SEQ-out)
  • Aux in
  • Aux Out
  • Headphones

  • Wooden roll cover top (Extra)
  • Bench
  • 3 Brass toe studs
  • 3 wooden swells shoes


  • Height (excluding music rack): 115cm
  • Height (including music rack): 139cm
  • Width: 140cm
  • Depth (excluding pedal board): 63cm
  • Depth (including pedal board): 109cm

*Pictures used are for illustrative purposes only and may show accessories not included as standard


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