Johannus Opus 350 RACO

3 Manuals, Voices 44, 58 Ranks

Price on Application

3 Manuals, Voices 44, 58 Ranks


The Opus has been the best-selling organ in the Johannus range for many years, and it's easy to see why. This traditional series with a rich range of possibilities has been, and always will be, perfect for any organ loving home. Smartly combining contemporary design, innovative technology and the unmistakably refined tones of a genuine Johannus instrument, the Opus 250 and 350 are a must play for today's organ player.


The best way to be sure of that is to find out for yourself by taking a seat at the two- or three- manual Opus 250 or 350. Cast your eye over the instrument and you will notice its diverse disposition of 36 or 44 voices (on the Opus 250 and 350 respectively), operated using illuminated tabs. You will also spot the 30-note pedal-board and two wooden swell shoes.


But it's only when you actually touch the manuals that you will really sense the rich musical palette that the instrument offers. Start with an adagio, with soft strings and labial voices, then end in a virtuoso presto, using three rumbling 16-foot stops in the pedal. The multi-channel organ will distribute your inspirational music over so many loudspeakers that the sound will seem natural and pure. Quite simply, this is an organ to fall in love with. Whether you prefer to play romantic, baroque, historic or symphonic pieces, the Opus will respond intuitively to the registrations and settings that you select. What's more, it will respond with overwhelming passion. In the plenum, the Opus will display its power, while in a cantus firmus, it will spread a wonderful calm through your home.


This is an organ that will make you feel completely at ease. You can throw yourself into a tutti, giving it your all, and improvising as you go. Or just take a seat behind the manuals, relax and marvel at the simple layout of the extensive options. A powerful but elegant instrument.


The difference in sound between these two digital organs and pipe organs is very small indeed. Using Real Time Sampling technology, the Opus 250 and 350 incorporate flawless recordings of famous pipe organs, rather than relying on simulation technologies. Pureness and authenticity are evident each time you touch the Opus, thanks to the new OranjeCore technology, developed by Johannus. The pure, clear sound of the Opus 250 and 350 will bring the pipe organ into your living room. In fact, thanks to the selection of styles and twelve reverb programmes, you won't just be able to play one organ, but instead a whole range of different pipe organs in the comfort of your own home.


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