Players Afternoon - 28th March

Thursday 28th February - 2pm - 4pm


Thursday 28th February - 2pm - 4pm

Bernies Music Land proudly invites all our customers and wonderful supporters to Players Afternoon.

Come and join us as we hear a variety of performances, along with playing tips!

Each of our customers is invited to perform one piece in front of the group, on a piano or organ instrument, and they will receive plenty of encouragement and a few playing tips from our resident artist, Jon Wade. 

This event is held in the seminar room at Bernies Music Land and includes light refreshments. 

Bernies Music Land
381 Canterbury Road, Ringwood, VIC 3134.

Entry $10 / MusiClub 2018 voucher.

BOOK NOW: drop us a message here or phone us at 9872 5122.