Bernstein BCF 180

NEW, Grand Piano Series


Bernstein BCF 180

This DISPLAY Bernstein Hailun CF series grand pianos combine the best of Asian and European manufacturing, materials,and design, resulting in the ultimate combination of quality, value and performance.The design starts with the newly shaped maple rims, creating a larger area for the Northern Austrian Alpine Solid Spruce soundboards, which are designed and manufactured by Hailun. The vertically laminated maple bridge capped in beech allows superior transference of energy from the strings. The elegant design of the open sand cast plate contributes to the rich, full volume. The beautiful cabinetry completes this exceptional instrument.The CF180 Grand is the perfect instrument for smaller performance venues, institutions and homes..

A sophisticated piano for pianists who demand the best.

The Bernstein Professional grand piano is a robust instrument built for top performance.Thrilling bass and sparkling treble tones are delivered by enhanced 
soundboard for a sensational playing experience.

Boasting rigorous manufacturing standards and great attention to detail, the Bernstein Professional series has proven itself to be generous in larger rooms, including
performance venues.

European Design
Striking, clean design and exclusive refinements.

Turn Notes Into Music with Bernstein
Expressive, refined European tone and characteristics.

Power at Your Fingertips
The instrument for those who demand full dynamic power.

A proud example of our international collaboration; creating an instrument of incredible dynamic power and clarity for its size, delivering dream-like performance for even the most astute pianist. 

* Premium Northern European Spruce soundboards; exclusively designed to deliver outstanding 
  power, clarity and expressiveness in performance.
* German Roslau blue grade strings for rich, luxurious tone.
* Premium German Wurzen hammer felts for distinctive playing control and comfort.
* Powerful performance, enhanced by unique wide design of the body and rim, and asymmetric
  soundboard thickness, found only in first class pianos.
* Revolutionary new action design, constructed of European Hornbeam and hard Maple, which is
 acclaimed for outstanding responsiveness.
* Multi-laminate European Beech pin block, ensuring exceptional tuning stability and climate 
* The world's finest timber components, including hard Maple, Spruce, Beech and Poplar.
* Premium features also include full sostenuto pedal, slow close fall lid, deluxe multi-
  position music rest and solid brass castors. 

*Length: 5 ft. 11 in. (180 cm.)
*Width: 5 ft. (156 cm.)
*Plate: Wet sand cast; new designto enhance tone projection; mid-low tenorbar on plate for more 
 accurate bearing, decorative nose bolts and plate bolts.
*Soundboard: Solid Northern Alpine Austrian spruce; asymmetric thickness; designed and 
 manufactured by Hailun.
*Soundboard area: 1,798
*Strings: German Roslau wire#1 Bass String: 52.6 in. (133.6 cm.)
*Pin Block: Multi-laminate European beech.
*Ribs: 12 quarter sawn spruce.Beams/Posts: 5
*Inner and Outer Rim: Maple; new wider tail shape for greater effective soundboard area.Lid: 
 Beveled & reinforced.
*Action: Hailun Performance Plus design.Action Material: European hornbeam.
*Hammer Rail: Solid beech.
*Hammers: Premium GermanFFW felt (AA)Key bed: Laminated poplar.
*Key frame: European beech and spruce, reinforced.
*Keys:Solid spruce.
*Bridges: Hand notched.
*Treble Bridge: Vertically laminated maple with European beech cap.
*Bass Bridge: Solid maple.
*Tuning Pins: #45 steel, chromium sealed.
*Pedals: Brass, middle pedal full sustenuto.

Available Finishes:
Polished Black Ebony

BERNSTEIN grand pianos offer "affordable excellence" and an exciting playing experience, with colourful dynamics and vibrant tone. They offer premium European components combined with outstanding manufacturing standards. This gives you with impressive tonal characteristics throughout the range from the Baby to the Concert models. The BERNSTEIN Hailun action offers excellent comfort and control for the pianist, with notable repetition of the keys. Play these instruments softly and you will find a rich, full European tone. Play with force and they really come to life, with bright, clear characteristics. BERNSTEIN grand pianos offer exciting performance for pianists of all levels. 

BERNSTEIN grand pianos are ideal if you seek high performance and outstanding value, for home, studio, school and performance venue. Compare today! 


Now On Display: This instrument is now on display at Bernies Music Land, 381 Canterbury Road, Ringwood (open 6 days, Monday to Saturday). We welcome your visit to test this instrument. 
Bernies is a family business and has been serving the music industry in Melbourne for over 42 years. We welcome you to contact us for any questions by phoning (03) 9872 5122 or visiting the showrooms at 381 Canterbury Road, Ringwood.
Trade-Ins: Do you have an older instrument to trade in or take away? We are happy to consider any trade-in, so please phone our team on (03) 9872 5122.

Delivery: Delivery is available Australia wide with our extensive network of specialist piano carriers. Local delivery starts from $220. Please phone us for a special delivery quotation on (03) 9872 5122. 

After Sales Support: Bernies Music Land offers you our famous after sales service, with a team of on-staff technicians to provide you with prompt, excellent service. Each of our second hand instruments comes with a warranty and even after the warranty term has been served, we will still provide you with our exceptional service and give you a fair quote for the relevant fees. 

Payment: At this price, we welcome payment by bank transfer, Visa or Mastercard. Please note that credit cards may attract surcharges. Christmas layby is now available! Payment terms are available so please phone us on (03) 9872 5122 or visit the store today.
Warranty: Each second hand instrument from Bernies has been service checked and carefully prepared to give you a long life of enjoyment. They come with a warranty and our renowned service support during and after your warranty. All products come with a guarantee, unless it is a clearance item and clearly stated. The guarantee period ranges from 3 months to 10 years depending on the product. Please phone us on (03) 9872 5122 to know about the warranty details for the product.
Tuning: With over 8,800 moving parts, your piano is a complex and intricate machine. It is not just tuning that will ensure the continued playing level of your instrument. Piano manufacturers recommend that major service is conducted every 3 to 5 years in a domestic environment and every 1 to 2 years in a professional or teaching environment. A talented tuner is a wonderful asset for the playing life of your piano, and to protect your warranty, so please contact us on 9872 5122 to assist with a recommendation. To look after your piano, it is recommended that it be tuned twice yearly or at least once yearly, in your home by a qualified tuner. If the piano is being used for professional or education use, your tuner will be happy to advise you on maintenance, servicing and also on multiple tunings for highly frequent use. Advising your tuner thoroughly of any concerns means attending to items as they occur, thus ensuring your piano plays beautifully.


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Ebony/Black polished