Bernstein Baby Grand 151

NEW, Grand Piano Series

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Bernstein Baby Grand 151

An Exceptionally Rewarding Playing Experience

Welcome to the new standard in baby grand pianos. Forget compromise, the Bernstein Classic baby grand piano offers you a rich European tone and a rewarding playing experience for decades to come.

Piano players of all levels are pleasantly surprised by the controllable response of the Bernstein baby grand, which is outstanding for a piano this size. 

Most enjoyably, the tone offers depth and character, clean delivery and substantial power. Most instruments of this size deliver a single "tone" of sound, while the Bernstein baby grand impresses the pianist with warmth and, when played with force, comes to life for a thrilling playing experience. 

This best-selling model is particularly elegant in design, with detailed leg design, full adjustable music rest, brass pedals and slow-close lid. 

Built by one of the world's manufacturing front runners; Hailun Piano Company, the Bernstein grand piano reflects the perfectly balanced benefits of craftsmanship and innovation. 

The Bernstein 151 Classic baby grand piano is a delightful instrument for home and studio use. 

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* Premium Northern European Spruce soundboards; exclusively designed to deliver outstanding   power, clarity and expressiveness in performance.
* German Roslau blue grade strings for rich, luxurious tone.
* Premium German Wurzen hammer felts for distinctive playing control and comfort.
* Powerful performance, enhanced by unique wide design of the body and rim, and asymmetric 
  soundboard thickness, found only in first class pianos.
* Revolutionary new action design, constructed of European Hornbeam and hard Maple, which is acclaimed for outstanding responsiveness.
* Multi-laminate European Beech pin block, ensuring exceptional tuning stability and climate resistance.
* The world's finest timber components, including hard Maple, Spruce, Beech and Poplar.
* Premium features also include full sostenuto pedal, slow close fall lid, deluxe multi- position music rest and solid brass castors.  

Dimensions: Width 150.7cm, Length 151cm, Height 101.6cm (lid closed)
Available Finishes:

Black Polished, White Polished, Mahogany Polished, Walnut Polished, Walnut Satin.

The Bernstein Standard: 

Using the finest European standards in design and experience, Bernstein produces instruments of distinction. Each instrument boasts the finest AAA grade soundboard spruce sourced from Siberian mountain-spruce, supreme German Roslaü strings, and hand-picked Wurzen hammer felt from Germany. Bernstein only selects the finest materials to offer you a premium piano.

Bernstein’s dedication to precision provides optimal implementation of high-tech machines and indispensable mastery and quality control, resulting in Bernstein’s benchmark instruments which are acclaimed and revered worldwide. With this marriage of tradition and innovation, Bernstein is able to offer a wide range of pianos from the beginner’s instrument to the professional concert grand.

Bernstein pianos are built to the highest European and Australian standards. Boasting continuous private ownership over the past 40 years, Bernstein Australia holds a unique position as a leading piano company.

Each Bernstein meets three strict criteria;

• Built strong for Australia from the best parts available, with modern production techniques.
• The most musically satisfying piano for the classical repertoire and contemporary pianists alike
• Real pianos. European sound. Realistic price.

Admired Heritage:

Since 1979, it has been our dream to make Bernstein the premier Australian piano. This dream has finally been made possible with the Bernstein Platinum series, thanks to the help of the expert team of piano technicians and sound engineers from around Australia and Europe.

Bernstein pianos have stood the test of time in some of our most demanding performance venues, radio studios, churches, and homes. Young pianists have fuelled their musical passion at the National Bernstein Piano Competition – proudly Australia’s longest running piano competition. Television and radio shows have flourished around its name; long running programs like the Team of Pianists’ Bernstein Piano Hour and television’s Piano Talk series.

Bernstein holds a proud history, particularly the close relationship with renowned German piano designer, Klaus Fenner. Please visit the website to explore the Bernstein heritage.

Bernstein has passed every test to be a registered Australian trademark at the highest level.

Bernstein is offered throughout Australia at specialty dealers; selected for their outstanding level of service and expertise.You can trust that your new piano will be meticulously prepared, carefully delivered and service supported for the future.

Experience the choice for pianists demanding the finest piano money can buy at a family price. Of course, 10,000 Australian owners cannot be wrong.

Delivery is available Australia wide with our extensive network of specialist piano carriers. Please phone us for a special delivery quotation on 9872 5122.

Do you have an older instrument to trade in or take away? We are happy to consider any trade-in, so please phone our team on 9872 5122.

After Sales Support:
Each of our second hand instruments comes with a warranty and even after the warranty term has been served, we will still provide you with our exceptional service and give you a fair quote for the relevant fees.

Caring for your Instrument:
We will provide you with a booklet with information to care for your beautiful piano at home.

Bernies is a family business and has been serving the music industry in Melbourne for over 42 years. We look forward to helping you to become one of our very happy customers.

Please contact us:
Phone: (03) 9872 5122


Dimensions: Width 150.7cm, Length 151cm, Height 101.6cm (lid closed)

Weight: 328kg