Bernstein Elegance BHG151c

Grand Piano Series Walnut Polished


Grand Piano Series Walnut Polished

The Bernstein BHG151c Elegance boasts a magnificent cabinet coupled with the sound of Baby 151. This piano truly showcases beauty, sound and performance. With the large dynamic range, this piano is convenient for concert halls, if your looking for a concert grand piano in an affordable price range.Perfect for elegant homes and boutiques.

Enjoy the premium features found throughout the entire
Bernstein grand range;

The Finest Sound
A rich, delicate tone with dynamics ranging from light to

Refined Touch
Enjoy the comfort of perfectly balanced weight on
each key, responding to your every nuance.

Beautiful Cabinets
Elegant lines and thoughtful design combine to
enhance your home for years to come.

A proud example of our international collaboration; that
has created an instrument of incredible dynamic range
and clarity for its size, delivering dream-like performance
for the most astute pianist. 

* Premium Northern European Spruce soundboards;exclusively designed to deliver outstanding 
  power, clarity and expressiveness in performance.
* German Roslau blue grade strings for rich, luxurious tone.
* Premium German Wurzen hammer felts for distinctive playing control and comfort.
* Powerful performance, enhanced by unique wide design of the body and rim, and asymmetric 
  soundboard thickness, found only in first class pianos.
* Revolutionary new action design, constructed of European Hornbeam and hard Maple, which is
  acclaimed for outstanding responsiveness.
* Multi-laminate European Beech pin block, ensuring exceptional tuning stability and climate 
* The world's finest timber components, including hard Maple, Spruce, Beech and Poplar.
* Premium features also include full sostenuto pedal, slow close fall lid, deluxe multi-
  position music rest and solid brass castors. 

Weight - 328kg
Depth - 151cm
Width - 150.7cm
Height - 101.6cm

Available Finishes:
Polished Ebony
Walnut Polished
Mahogany Polished

BERNSTEIN® grand pianos offer "affordable excellence" and an exciting playing experience, with colourful dynamics and vibrant tone. They offer premium European components combined with outstanding manufacturing standards. This gives you with impressive tonal characteristics throughout the range from the Baby to the Concert models. The BERNSTEIN® Hailun action offers excellent comfort and control for the pianist, with notable repetition of the keys. Play these instruments softly and you will find a rich, full European tone. Play with force and they really come to life, with bright, clear characteristics. BERNSTEIN® grand pianos offer exciting performance for pianists of all levels. 

BERNSTEIN® grand pianos are ideal if you seek high performance and outstanding value, for home, studio, school and performance venue. Compare today!


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