Schimmel I208 International, Ebony Polished

Grand Piano, International Series


Grand Piano, International Series

The International series are based on the proven developed mold constructions. The 208 tradition is the next biggest in the range and the length of the piano provides a richer, much louder tone which is always fantastic for playing in concert halls.

Within the large family of Schimmel instruments each and every grand and upright piano benefit, with regard to quality, from specific features shared with the other instruments. The design combines most modern knowledge of piano building/craftsmanship, scientific research of our designers as well as a number of innovative details which we have developed for our Schimmel Konzert series.


Length: 208 cm

Height: 101 cm

Width: 148 cm

Weight: 380 kg


Keywords:Schimmel, I208, International, Ebony