Hammond XK-3 Stage Organ

Refurbished, Home Organ


Hammond XK-3 Stage Organ

Availability: ONE ONLY (Refurbished)

Hammond XK-3 Stage Organ

The revolutionary Hammond XK-3 organ changed the way people thought of Hammond organs. No longer weighing 150kg’s, the authentic Hammond organ sound and feel could now be tucked under your arm for any stage or studio gig.

Experience the solid build, smooth feel, and incomparable sound of this gutsy organ!

The Hammond XK-3 has been reconditioned by our specialist team of Hammond technicians. As you can see, it is in excellent condition and is the perfect musical partner for organist or keyboard player.

This is a ONE ONLY special and we definitely don’t see these opportunities often, so be quick to grab the Hammond XK-3 today!

The Hammond organist who wants pure Hammond power look no further. A great blues and jazz organ featuring a two tube valve pre-amp for the classic overdrive sound. All the classic Hammond percussion, built in digital Leslie speaker effect, and six assignable midi controllers which are fantastic in live situation.

The XK3 organ has the wood style cabinet which adds to the Hammond playing authenticity. It has traditional Hammond reverse keys in the lower part of the keyboard set up as presets; just like the original Hammond organs. This organ plays and sounds great right out the box. The realistic distortion is achieved the traditional way by using two vacuum tubes in the circuit, which gives you a smooth creamy overdrive to full on rock distortion. Everything is there for you including inbuilt digital Leslie speaker, chorus/vibrato, second and third percussion, real drawbars and of course fat Hammond sound.  The XK3c is also a fabulous keyboard controller with six quickly accessible zones to use with your external sound modules.

Digital Tone Wheel:

The XK3's digital tone wheel generator is the latest generation Hammond engine based on the same principles as the vintage mechanical tone-wheel generator. The 96 digital tone-wheels are constantly oscillating and re-create the original Wow and Flutter. In the vintage Hammonds, the close proximity of the mechanical wheels produced an imperfection called "leakage" that came to be part of the original charm of the instrument. This effect has been recaptured and may be introduced incrementally into your personal sound setup. The XK3 has full polyphony, and the keyboard has been updated to feel and play like a vintage B-3.


Hammond's "Touch Response Percussion" is one of the hallmark features that made the B-3's sound so distinctive and expressive. The sounds, the response and the controls are re-created to the exact degree on the XK3. Even the eccentricities and imperfections that grew to be highly desired are created anew. As with all Vintage B-3s, the percussion section's personality varied from organ to organ, and keeping in the spirit of the XK3, you are now able to adjust all the parameters to tailor the percussion to your taste.

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