Johannus Rembrandt

Pre Loved, 65 Stops, 4 Organ

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Pre Loved, 65 Stops, 4 Organ

This is a very special organ with wooden keys and amazing internal audio.

Serial Number: 500112614 


You will always be able to find a suitable style for your musical mood in the four sample banks with unique stops. Allow your instincts to guide you and choose between Romantic, Symphonic, Baroque or Historical recordings.

Play a 17th century piece of French Baroque music and use a sublime Grand Cornet. Make a romantic interpretation of a beautiful musical arrangement using the Vox Humana with a special tremulant or enjoy a Trompette Harmonique in the symphonic style.You will be transported back to the Middle Ages where the sound of tracker actions becomes fused with the historical recordings of the Silbermann and Hinsz organs.

An excellent organ needs modern technology. The Rembrandt 350 contains exceptional technology such as the bellows simulator. This fantastic innovation allows your organ to 'sing' by simulating the pressure differences in the pipe organ bellows.

The Real Time Sampling system reproduces the sound made by famous pipe organs using direct digital recordings, allowing you to hear the original sound. You benefit from unparalleled sound quality thanks to the extensive audio system's coaxial loudspeakers.

High-quality broadband tweeters provide excellent reproduction of the articulation and colouring of the organ pipes. And the overall look is sublime: the loudspeakers are elegantly incorporated in the console. The sound is so perfectly distributed by the multiple loudspeakers that the organist is surrounded by the music and inspired by the widely-diffused sound.

The highly-advanced LIVEreverb reverberation system adds the reverberations and acoustics of no fewer than twelve famous churches and concert halls to your repertoire.

One minute you could be playing in the cosy St Salvius church in Limbricht, filling it with baroque chamber music, and the next in a large church with warm acoustic tones in La Grand-Combe in Southern France. Imagine you are in the Old Church in Amsterdam, where Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck succeeded his father at the age of 15 and was organist for 44 years. Or select the rolling sound created by the authentic vaulted ceiling of the Bovenkerk in Kampen, old Bonn Cathedral or the Raalte Basilica. Never before has reverberation been so authentic!

Now you can even choose your own position in relation to the organ. Do you love the beautiful, full-bodied sound you experience as a member of the audience in the middle of a church? Or do you prefer the direct sound you hear as the organist when very close to the organ pipes? The Adaptive Ambiance System allows you to select the ambiance to suit your personal taste.

Whether you prefer to play a 17th century baroque Silbermann organ or a 19th century French symphonic Cavaille-Coll: the new Rembrandt 350 can do it all! You can choose from four fantastic styles.

Johannus successfully launched its first Rembrandt organ ten years ago. The new Rembrandt 350 combines all the experience and success of its predecessors.

This exceptional organ offers a broad range of options and fantastic properties and will make the hearts of many organ-lovers beat faster. With three manuals and an extensive disposition of 260 voices (4 styles x 65 voices), you really can play anything! The beautiful sounds and options of this true masterpiece cannot be captured in words. Visit your Johannus dealer to listen or play and experience the Rembrandt 350 in person. You are most welcome!


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