Orla Stage Studio

Portable BONUS Stand

$1,299.00 $1,199.00

Portable BONUS Stand

A versatile instrument for the dynamic pianist.

The Orla Stage Studio delivers an enhanced sound experience for the pianist, thanks to superior positioning of the speakers. The generous display makes it easy to select from the features and quality sounds. This model offers the addition of a handy 2 track sequencer with playback, plus connection enhancements including Bluetooth connectivity and MIDI.

This includes the portable keyboard + BONUS STAND. Save $138 AUD. The build quality is exceptional and it is finished in elegant satin black.

Many people start their musical life at Bernies Music Land in Melbourne. Whether you are just starting or preparing to step on stage, we know you are looking for the cheapest price on a high quality digital piano. This outstanding Orla range hits the mark. The full range is now available in Australia and on display today at Bernies, so please visit us today or phone 9872 5122 for our specials.