Orla Digital Pianos

Bernies Music Land welcomes one of the hottest brands on the market to our digital piano range. Designed in Italy, Orla digital pianos are built with style and performance in mind, offering sleek looks and a rich, vibrant sound. With a refined touch and easy-to-use features, the Orla models are already a popular choice. 

A fabulous slimline, portable digital piano with basic features and a great sound and feel. Priced at just $899, this stage piano is unbeatable.

Upgrade to easy feature layout and enhanced speakers plus matching stand, seat and pedal. This stylish instrument will fit in to any home or studio.

Looking for an entertainment machine? You got it! This model has a full range of play-along features and options, while still being compact and stylish.

Digital Grand Pianos
Comprising of three models, the Orla digital piano range offers fun and musical creativity for pianists of all ages. Stunningly luxurious cabinets combine with simple features and outstanding performance… wow! The models vary in cabinet size and power output, offering an option for every room size and musician. An incredible treat from just $3899

Orla Stage Studio Digital Piano

88 graded hammer action keys

Orla Stage Concert

The Orla stage concert polished white

Orla CDP 202 Digital Piano

The Orla CDP 202 Digital Piano
$1,899.00 $1,998.00

Orla CDP 202 White Digital Piano

The Orla CDP 202 Digital Piano polished white

Orla 450 Digital Grand Piano

88 Notes Graded Hammer Action Keyboard
$5,898.00 $4,895.00