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Thank you for coming to Bernies Music Land – where you are guaranteed to find an instrument that matches your needs and budget. For over 42 years our family business has been trusted by thousands of institutes, professional musicians, hobby players and families. You are in safe hands with Bernies Music Land’s huge selection of boxed stock, and continued service support now and in the future.

Come and make massive savings on an exceptional range of new and pre-loved famous brand pianos, including the stunning range of Schimmel from Germany and the best-selling Bernstein Platinum Series.

Get the right advice with our resources including the Guide for Parents of Piano Students and the Piano Buyers Guide plus read all the tips for piano care on our Advice Page.

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Digital Piano Specials

Orla Stage Starter Pack

New Portable Digital Piano
$1,232.00 $998.00

Cabinet CDP-1 Pack

New Cabinet Digital Piano
$1,523.00 $1,198.00

Orla CDP-101 Pack

New Cabinet Digital Piano
$1,694.00 $1,459.00

Orla CDP-101 Pack Gloss Black

New Orla Cabinet Digital Piano
$1,894.00 $1,698.00

Grand Piano Specials

Suzuki AG 10

NEW, Grand Piano Series

Hailun 150s Baby Grand Piano

NEW, Grand Piano Series

Pre-Loved Grand Piano Specials

Bernstein Baby 151 Pre-Loved Grand Piano

White Grand Piano
Price on Application

Schimmel 205 Mahogany

Pre-Loved, Grand Piano
Price on Application

August Forster Grand Piano

Pre-Loved, Grand Piano, Model 170
$11,995.00 $9,950.00

Brash Paling Grand

Pre-Loved, Grand Piano Series

Bernstein 161 Grand Piano

Pre-Loved Special
$15,950.00 $12,950.00

Kawai GS-30 Grand Piano

Pre-Loved, Grand Piano Series
$15,995.00 $11,950.00

Bernstein Conservatory 178 RARE Pre-Loved Grand

Grand Piano Series
$19,995.00 $16,950.00

Toyo 210 Japan

Pre-Loved, Grand Piano Series
$28,995.00 $25,680.00

Pre-Loved Upright Piano Specials


Pre-Loved, Upright Piano Series
$2,895.00 $2,295.00

Beale Upright Piano

Pre-Loved, Upright Piano
$2,995.00 $2,595.00


Pre-Loved, Upright Piano Series
$4,995.00 $3,980.00

Yamaha U-2

Pre-Loved, Upright Piano Series
$6,995.00 $4,980.00

Yamaha U-3a

Pre-Loved, Upright Piano
$7,995.00 $6,980.00

Organ Specials

Roland Atelier AT-300 Organ

A Next-Generation, High-Performance Home Organ
$8,995.00 $6,950.00

Roland Atelier AT-350C Combo Organ

Demo, Portable Combo Organ
$7,995.00 $5,950.00

Roland Atelier AT-80R Organ

Pre-Loved, Home Organ
$11,995.00 $8,950.00

Roland Atelier AT-900 Platinum

Price on Application

Johannus Andante

Pre-Loved, Organ
$3,995.00 $2,750.00

Johannus One Ex Demo

Portable Classical Organ
$4,895.00 $3,995.00

Johannus Opus 15 RACO

Pre-Loved, Home Organ
$12,995.00 $9,960.00

Johannus Studio 150

Pre-Loved Johannus Studio 150
$13,890.00 $8,950.00

Hammond B3 Mark II Portable

NEW Authentic Hammond Organ
$27,950.00 $19,950.00

Hammond A-405P Chapel Organ

$12,995.00 $8,950.00

Johannus Studio 370

37 stops, 3 manuals, 4 intonations, 30 note RACO P...
$22,950.00 $18,980.00

Yamaha Electone EL60 Organ

Pre-Loved, Home Organ

Hammond Super B

Pre-loved Hammond Organ
Price on Application