Bernstein Allegro 121

Upright Piano Series


Upright Piano Series

Rich, beautiful sounds to fill the home with joy.
Enjoy the premium features found throughout the entire Bernstein upright range;

The Finest Sound

A rich, delicate tone with dynamics ranging from light to bold. 

Refined Touch

enjoy the comfort of perfectly balanced weight on each key, responding to your every nuance.

Beautiful Cabinets

Elegant lines and thoughtful design combine to enhance your home for years to come. 

The Hailun Upright Piano model 121 is ideal for the serious student, teacher, school or church. This powerful instrument is expressly designed to meet the demands of virtuoso pianists. All will enjoy and appreciate the suberb tone and broad range this piano provides.

Weight - 240kg
Depth - 60cm
Width - 151.5cm
Height - 121.4cm

Available Finishes:
Ebony/Black- $7195
Walnut- $7395
Mahogany- $7395
White- $7395


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