Hailun H-5

New Academy Series

From one of the world's fastest growing and internationally acclaimed piano manufacturers comes a range of professional pianos with vibrant, full sound and impressive power. First class features include German Wurzen hammer felt, ebony black keys and bass A-graff scaling for clarity and power. Completed in a beautifully polished ebony cabinet, this piano is ideal for studio and stage use.

The Hailun H-5 is the perfect example of the premium 50"/125cm upright piano. Producing superior, full spectrum sounds, which one might expect from a grand piano, it is a powerful instrument with a highly responsive touch. Its lines are elegant by design. This piano comes in an ebony polish finish. 

Technical Specifications

Dimesnsion: Height- 125cm 
                   Depth- 59cm
                   Width- 151cm  
Plate: Exclusive new wet cast full perimeter design offers enhanced stability
Soundboard: Multi-layered Siberian Spruce with 15 degree Spruce meniscus coating for climatic resistance and durability in Australian climates.
Strings: German Roslau
* Treble: V-bar and steel pressure bar for an accurate transference of sound
* Bass A-Graff for tonal clarity
Pin Block: Multi-Laminate 17 layers of Maple
Ribs: 11 quarter-sawn Spruce
Back Posts: 4
Action: Hailun Performance Plus TM design, acclaimed for outstanding responsiveness. Made of European Hornbeam (Permanent Action Stability) and cast aluminium
Action Rail: Extruded aluminium
Hammers: FFW felt produced by Wurzen Co.,
Germany: cold pressed felt hammers with Mahogany hammer moulding for distinctive playing control and comfort.
* Naturals: laminated spruce with red beech
* Sharps: Ebony wood
Key Tops: High-grade Japanese Polymethyl
Methacrylate (PMMA)
Bridges: Hard notched Maple, dovetailed and pinned
Casters: Double solid brass
Pedals: Solid Brass (Soft, Sustain, Mute)
Bench: Adjustable with music storage

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