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The Johannus Legacy

"Music enriches our lives. Music is relaxing and releases all sorts of emotions. And ... it makes people happier. We, at Johannus, build organs. A trade which is deeply rooted in a craftsmanship which goes back for centuries."
-- Mr G. A van de Weerd - Former Chairman of the Board, Johannus Organs

It is no coincidence that one of the worlds' greatest builders of digital classic organs is located in The Netherlands, where organ building and Dutch history has been closely interwoven for centuries.

Johannus are passionate organ builders. They have and will always see superior and life-like sound quality as the main focus of their work. Every Johannus organ is characterised by a strong craving for perfection and... a dream, cherished for a long time; a dream to be able to design and build an organ matching the magnificence of a pipe organ.

When you select a Johannus Organ you are choosing the original organ. The sound that now, for 50 years, has resonated in churches, cathedrals, performance spaces and homes in over 100 countries and has enabled this independently family owned company to become a worldwide success story.

Whether your preference is for English-American or European-Romantic, French Symphonic, European Baroque or Historical Baroque, Johannus has an organ just right for you giving you everything you need and nothing you don't, but with an extensive range of options to personalise your organ. Or choose a custom organ built to your exact requirements.

For over 26 years Bernie's Music Land has been proud retailers of Johannus Organs and still remain exclusive Australian distributors, with full-time, factory trained specialist staff to assist you to select or design your perfect organ.

We invite you to discover why the original Johannus brand is synonymous with innovative technology, extraordinary value and sound quality seamlessly integrated with centuries of Dutch organ building craftsmanship.

Centuries of traditional Dutch craftsmanship are elegantly and skilfully combined with true-to-life digital sampling technology to produce and exceptional sound quality for discerning organists, whether a standard production model or custom-design.

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It is no wonder that Johannus has developed into a truly international company, exporting to over one hundred countries.

These are exciting times for Johannus. Now considered Europe’s most progressive and largest specialist builder of digital classic organs, the company is moving on to the second generation of family ownership and management. This is a family legacy. A legacy of passion and commitment passed from one generation to the next.

There is only one way to experience this passion and commitment: to play a Johannus organ and not only hear the difference but feel the difference in every stop, on every note for yourself.

We believe we have the most extensive model selection on display in Australia, so we are confident there is a Johannus organ just right for your home, church or institution.

As Johannus export to over one hundred countries they manufacture organs with varying tonal characteristics. From this extensive range the following model ranges have so far proved the most popular in Australia. 

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Johannus Classical & Church Organs

For information on Hammond contemporary church organs, please click here.

One & Studio Series

Johannus One

Portable Classical Organ
Price on Application

Johannus Studio 150

28 stops, 2 manuals, 4 intonations, 30 note pedalb...
$13,890.00 $10,790.00

Johannus Studio 170

RACO 2 manual, 4 x 28 stops
Price on Application

Johannus Studio 370

37 stops, 3 manuals, 4 intonations, 30 note RACO P...
$22,950.00 $18,980.00

Opus Series

Johannus Opus 250 RACO

2 Manuals, 36 Voices, 48 Ranks
Price on Application

Johannus Opus 270 AGO

Contemporary home organs with unlimited potential
Price on Application

Johannus Opus 350 RACO

3 Manuals, Voices 44, 58 Ranks
Price on Application

Johannus Opus 370 AGO

3 Manuals, 42 Voices, 55 Ranks
Price on Application

Live Series

Johannus LiVE III AGO

3 Manuals, 50 Dynamic Stops, USB Port for Uploadin...
Price on Application

Johannus LiVE 3T

44 Stops, 3 Manuals, 30 Note Pedal Board
Price on Application

Vivaldi Series

Johannus Vivaldi 270 AGO

2 manual, 4 x 42 stops, 21 orchestrals, 8.1. audio...
Price on Application

Johannus Vivaldi 370 AGO

3 manual, 4 x 60 stops, 39 orchestrals, 10.1 audio...
Price on Application

Ecclesia Church Series

Johannus Ecclesia Choir

2 Manuals, 26 Voices, 34 Ranks
Price on Application

Johannus Ecclesia T150 RACO

Authentic pipe organ sounds with excellent sound q...
Price on Application

Johannus Ecclesia T170 AGO

Two Manuals, 26 stops and a well-balanced set of s...
Price on Application

Johannus Ecclesia T370 AGO

3 manual, 4 x 41 speaking stops, 10.1 audio channe...
Price on Application

Johannus Ecclesia D470 AGO

3 manual, 4 x 41 speaking stops, 6.1 audio channel...
Price on Application

Johannus Ecclesia D570 AGO

Price on Application

Organ Specials

Johannus Vivaldi 35

Pre-Loved Home Organ
Price on Application

Johannus Opus 15 RACO

Pre-Loved, Home Organ
$12,995.00 $9,960.00

Johannus Studio 170

Second Hand Johannus Studio 170 in Dark Oak
$14,350.00 $9,980.00

Johannus Studio 370

37 stops, 3 manuals, 4 intonations, 30 note RACO P...
$22,950.00 $18,980.00

Please note: all prices are shown in Australian Dollars, and include GST.

Johannus Custom

Monarke Custom

Custom Finishes

Other Models

If of course there is a model you are interested in that is not featured in this list please contact our organ manager, Craig on 03 9872 5122 who will be more than happy to obtain the information you require.