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" Music enriches our lives. Music is relaxing and releases all sorts of emotions. And ... it makes people happier. We, at Johannus, build organs. A trade which is deeply rooted in a craftsmanship which goes back for centuries."
- Mr G. A van de Weerd - Former Chairman of the Board, Johannus Organs 


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Johannus Heritage

From humble beginnings Johannus Orgelbouw bv has grown to be a leading international manufacturer of high quality digital and hybrid classical organs.

Founded in 1968 by Mr Johannes (Hans) Versteegt, the first model range was launched in 1971 and over the ensuing years, the company experienced consistent high growth mainly due to the high quality sound of the organs. During this period of growth, Mr Versteegt expanded his activities into the international market and Johannus now exports to over 100 countries.

The first Johannus organ came to Australia in 1974 and is still going strong. 

In 1987, the company was acquired by the van de Weerd family and to this day is still operated by the family with Marco and Rene van de Weerd at the helm.

The van de Weerd family grew the company to new heights with the introduction of real-time digital sampling technology which gave the Johannus organs a realism that was never thought possible, Bernies Music Land sold their first Johannus organ in 1992 and as export orders grew from Australia, our company was appointed in 1996 as sole Australian agents for Johannus organs and have remained so to this day.

Recent years have seen many changes in the organ market with many brands falling by the wayside or being acquired by other manufacturers. To strengthen their business for the future, the van de Weerd family formed a new company, The Global Organ Group. Within this group Johannus is joined by esteemed brands such as Makin, Copeman Hart and Rodgers, the latter being acquired from Roland Corporation who ceased organ manufacturing in 2015.  

Johannus organs are the instrument of choice for churches, homes, institutions and discerning organists in over 100 countries.

Trade-ins Welcome
Trade-ins are welcome here at Bernies, so please phone our organ manager, Craig Douglass, on 03 9872 5122 or to chat about your organ needs. We proudly sell and service organs Australia-wide.

Johannus Rembrandt 350

Pre Loved, 65 Stops, 4 Organ Suites, Drawstop Cons...
Price on Application

One & Studio Series

Johannus One Portable Church Organ

76 Notes, 5 Intonations, Satin Black
$4,750.00 $4,695.00

Johannus Studio 170

Studio 170 RACO 2 manual, 4 x 28 stops, 3 channel,...
$14,350.00 $11,982.00

Johannus Studio 370

37 stops, 3 manuals, 4 intonations, 30 note RACO P...

Opus Series

Johannus Opus 250 RACO

2 Manuals, 36 Voices, 48 Ranks

Johannus Opus 270 AGO

Contemporary home organs with unlimited potential
Price on Application

Johannus Opus 350 RACO

3 Manuals, Voices 44, 58 Ranks
Price on Application

Johannus Opus 370 AGO

3 Manuals, 42 Voices, 55 Ranks
Price on Application

Classic Series

Johannus Classic 250 RACO

2 Manuals, 36 Voices, 47 Ranks
Price on Application

Johannus Classic 350 RACO

3 Manuals, 45 Voices, 59 Ranks
Price on Application

Live Series

Johannus LiVE III AGO

3 Manuals, 50 Dynamic Stops, USB Port for Uploadin...
Price on Application

Johannus LiVE 2T RAGO

44 Stops, 2 Manuals, 30 Note Pedal Board
Price on Application

Johannus LiVE 3T

44 Stops, 3 Manuals, 30 Note Pedal Board

Vivaldi Series

Johannus Vivaldi 270 AGO

2 manual, 4 x 42 stops, 21 orchestrals, 8.1. audio...
Price on Application

Johannus Vivaldi 370 AGO

3 manual, 4 x 60 stops, 39 orchestrals, 10.1 audio...
Price on Application

Ecclesia Series

Johannus Ecclesia Choir

2 Manuals, 26 Voices, 34 Ranks

Johannus Ecclesia T150 RACO

Authentic pipe organ sounds with excellent sound q...
Price on Application

Johannus Ecclesia T170 AGO

Two Manuals, 26 stops and a well-balanced set of s...
Price on Application

Johannus Ecclesia T370 AGO

3 manual, 4 x 41 speaking stops, 10.1 audio channe...
Price on Application

Johannus Ecclesia D470 AGO

3 manual, 4 x 41 speaking stops, 6.1 audio channel...
Price on Application

Johannus Ecclesia D570 AGO

Price on Application