Bernstein Masterclass Series

Who is it for?

Bernstein Masterclass Series is a fantastic performance and learning experience for young piano students. It is designed for student age 8 to 16, who are preparing for exams and recitals.

How does it work?

Student prepare ONE piece of up to 6 minutes to perform in front of a small, encouraging audience. the guest teacher will then offer valuable feedback and constructive criticism to help the student improve their playing. Participates are also able to hear and observe other student's performances.

What are the benefits?

When students participate in the Masterclass session, they recieve great advice to help develop their skills, plus the rare opportunity to play for a renowned pianist/educator, and valuable performance experience to help curb nerves for future performances. Students also broaden their knowledge of other repertoire outside of their own pieces by observing other student performances, which is a vital help to their future studies. Participants may be invited to compete in the National final of the Bernstein Piano Compeititon on Sunday 4th October, 2020

Please note (Conditions):

* Due to copyright laws, performers must only use an original copy of music.

* No photography or video footage allowed.

* Enrolment close 7 days prior unless already full.

* One entry per teacher (QLD, WA)

Bernstein Masterclass sessions are conducted by the Team of Pianists and guest teachers at Bernies Music Land.
Please phone Bernies Music Land on 9872 5122 for inquiries. 

BERNSTEIN® Piano Competition 2020

The Bernstein Piano Competition will be held on the Schimmel Stage at Bernies Music Land, 381 Canterbury Road, Ringwood VIC 3134.

The National BERNSTEIN® Competition is Australia's longest running sponsored piano competition. It is designed to encourage young piano students and provide a friendly, yet competitive environment for students to excel in piano performance. Excellent cash prizes totalling $950 with beauiful trophies are presented in both Junior (Under 12 years) and Senior (13 to 16 years) Divisions. 

Senior 1st Prize $300 cash.
Junior 1st Prize $200 cash

The National Final of the BERNSTEIN® Competition is held at Bernies Music Land in Ringwood, Victoria and includes finalists selected from Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Cairns and Shepparton Regional BERNSTEIN® Masterclasses and heats.

Students wishing to compete must participate in a Masterclass sessions and may be invited by the teachers (in writing) shortly after the Masterclass. The minimum standard for participation in the National BERNSTEIN® Competition is:

Under 12: grade 3 AMEB or equivalent
13-16 years: grade 5 AMEB or equivalent

  Under 12 Years 13 - 16 Years
Tuesday 30th June 10am - 11.30am 12.30pm- 2.30pm
Tuesday 7th July 10am - 11.30am 12.30pm- 2.30pm
Saturday 19th Sept 10am - 11.30am 12.30pm - 2.30pm
Monday 21st Sept 10am - 11.30am 12.30pm - 2.30pm
Tuesday 22nd Sept 10am - 11.30am 12.30pm - 2.30pm

The 2019 Bernstein Piano Competition National Final

The breathtaking finals of the 2019 National Bernstein Piano Competition were held at Bernies Music Land on Sunday 6th October.

In 1988, Professor Max Cooke and the Team of Pianists created a competition which not only challenged students, but first provided an encouraging educational experience by way of "Piano Masterclass". This format has continued since. For over 30 years, the Bernstein Masterclass and Piano Competition Series has given young piano students access to some of Australia's top piano educators, offering valuable guidance to improving their performance. It is proudly Australia’s longest running sponsored piano competition.

13 Junior and 11 Senior finalists from both the Melbourne and interstate Masterclass heats competed for cash prizes and beautiful trophies. The excitement was raised when Bernstein Australia announced an increase in the winner’s cheque for both section by $50 each!

The Bernstein Piano Competition was very fortunate to be supported by the guidance of adjudicators, Mr Hoang Pham – award winner at the Sydney International Piano Competition, and AMEB examiner - Mrs. Judith Lambden.

The Competition Finals featured the amazing Bernstein 218 Konzert Grand Piano. Students were able to achieve a large array of tonal colours and very precise touch control thanks to the high specifications of this brilliant piano. .

There were many renowned teachers in the audience to support their students, one of them commenting that the standard of this year’s competition was equal to a University concert she had seen the day before!

The results were one of the closest even seen. It gives me great pleasure to announce the 2019 winners:

BERNSTEIN® Piano Competition 2019 Junior Division

1st Place: Tianyi Sun, 9 years old, Teacher: Betty Vergara-Pink

2nd Place: Louis Fan (Brisbane representative), 10 years old

3rd Place: Julia Rozenkova, 8 years old

Honourable mention to Lulu Yao, 12 years old

BERNSTEIN® Piano Competition 2019 Senior Division

1st Place: Nicholas Khong 14 years old, Teacher: Glenn Riddle

2nd Place: Chris Tsang 14 years old

3rd Place: Aiden Abbott 15 years old

Honourable mention Ksenia Bendrycheva 15 years old

Bernstein Australia would like to extend a very warm thank you to each of the students who participated in Bernstein Masterclass sessions around Australia. An extra special thank you is extended to parents and teachers of these students, who provide outstanding support and encouragement.

Kind Regards,

Lester Cheung M.MUS
Piano Division Manager
+61 9872 5122