Rolands History

Used by famous musicians world-wide, Roland produce some of the highest quality and professional instruments and are constantly up-to-date with the latest technologies in the market. Their keyboards alone are powerful tools for the most demanding musicians. Along with the keyboards, Roland produces a fine range of digital pianos ranging from portable models, to elegant cabinet styles with ensemble features.

Bernies Music Land offers a wide selection of new and pre-loved Roland keyboards, digital pianos and organs.

Roland Compact Keyboards 

For compact size with incredibly crisp, rich piano sound, you can't go past Roland's E-09 and Prelude keyboards. These 61-note models offer top build quality, powerful speakers and simple operation to give you an outstanding performance, whether you are a beginner or a professional performer. The E-09 is popular for musicians looking for quality sound at a budget price. The Prelude keyboard is ideal for musicians wanting to explore exciting creative features, incredibly realistic band accompaniments and cool new world sounds.  

Roland Digital Pianos

Bernies Music Land is pleased to introduce the new range of Roland HP digital pianos. Roland Corporation invests four times as much on research and development than any other electronic keyboard manufacturer and the proof really is in the pudding (so to speak). These new models are a feast for the eyes and ears, with technology that sets a new industry benchmark.

There are no shortcuts, no cost cutting and no compromise in any of these HP models. You will simply find outstanding performance and thoughtful features. And when we tell you the prices, you will be astounded. Each of these models is on display here at Bernies Music Land, so please visit the store and we can show you some of the amazing new advancements.

Roland Stage Pianos

When you see the world's best  musician perform on a stage piano, you can be assured that it is a Roland. The Roland RD series has set a benchmark in stage performance, and is unmatched in sound quality, build quality and incredible stage features. Explore the spectacular Roland RD-700nx and RD-300nx stage pianos here.

Roland Atelier Organs

The Roland Atelier organ is a truly incredible instrument. It has the touch, feel and sound to inspire your musical creativity, plus the sound that allows you to close your eyes and just dream. Players of any level will be delighted with the Roland Atelier’s multitude of realistic, expressive voices and its elegant, traditional design. When you play a Roland instrument, you can experience the pinnacle in sound reproduction along with creativity at your fingertips.

The Roland Atelier range includes compact models for the tiniest of rooms, through to complete Luxury models without compromise. The exciting Luxury Series offer a spectacular traditional organ sound with exciting real-time performance options, setting a new benchmark for home organs. Plus, the beautiful cabinets will add warmth to any décor. They not only look good, they allow you to sound and play at your best.

No matter what your favourite style is, the Roland Atelier will deliver the sound and ambience you have always wanted; the warmth of a traditional organ sound, the power of a classic organ or the realism of digitally sampled orchestral voices and concert grand piano. Find your musical inspiration with the magical range of Roland Atelier organs.

Roland Amplifiers & Accessories

To give you a breathtaking sound experience, add a Roland KC amplifier to your Roland instrument. You will hear a dramatic range of expression, with shattering treble and powerful bass. Just what you need for your next performance! In addition, Roland offers a range of authentic accessories, including pedals, heavy-duty stands, rhythm modules and recording devices.  All Roland keyboards and accessories include 12 months warranty. Roland digital pianos and organs include 5 years warranty. 

New Home Organs

Roland AT-350c Atelier Organ

Sleek, Powerful, and Portable - Ideal for the Perf...
$7,995.00 $5,960.00

Roland Digital Pianos

Roland FP-30 Digital Piano Bundle

Superior sound and touch

Roland FP-30 Portable Digital Piano

Superior sound - RRP $1049

Roland FP-60 Digital Piano Bundle

Superior sound and touch

Roland FP-90 Digital Piano Bundle

Superior sound and touch

Roland FP-90 Portable Digital Piano

Superior sound and touch

Roland RP501r

Roland RP501r digital piano

Roland HP603a

Roland HP603a digital keyboard

Roland HP-605 Digital Piano, Polished Ebony

The premium home piano with concert-class sound

Roland LX-7

Elegant, Sophisticated, Beautiful

Roland LX-7 - Polished Ebony

Elegant - RRP $6299
Price on Application

Roland Keyboards

Roland FP-30 Portable Digital Piano

Superior sound - RRP $1049

Roland FP-90 Portable Digital Piano

Superior sound and touch

Roland RD-2000

Roland RD-2000 Digital Keyboard

Roland RD - 800

The Roland RD series is legendary.

Keyboard Accessories

Roland DP-10 Damper Pedal

Non-slip rubber plate

Keyboard Stands

Roland KS-18Z Heavy-duty stand

Heavy duty Z style stand

Please note: all prices are shown in Australian Dollars, and include GST.