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Australia’s largest piano and organ superstore. Proudly a family owned and operated business since 1977.

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Proudly introducing Germany's largest and most awarded piano manufacturer. 

Playing piano can be a breathtaking experience. This is why Schimmel pianos are designed to be your partner in making music. You may keep your piano all your life, or even hand it down to your family. So, when you choose a Schimmel piano, you are ensured you a lifetime of reliable, rewarding music making.

Schimmel offers a magnificent range of grand and upright pianos for the discerning pianist. These superb instruments combine tradition with innovation, to give you a brilliant playing experience. 

On May 2, 1885, Wilhelm Schimmel founded Schimmel pianos in a suburb of Leipzig, Germany. During his life he was honored with titles of purveyor to royal houses, as well as numerous awards at world expositions and fairs. This testifies to the quality of his instruments and business dealings. Still to this day, Schimmel continues to cultivate the fine art and craft of piano manufacturing.

In 1927, the management of the company passed on to the second generation, Wilhelm Arno Schimmel. He relocated the production to Braunschweig and led the family business through difficult years. He proved an inspiration to the piano industry, leaving his imprint on an entire epoch of piano designing and opening up new paths with his modern designs.

Since 1961, the company was under the management of the third generation, Nikolaus Wilhelm Schimmel. Under his leadership, Schimmel advanced to become Germany's No. 1 resident family owned and operated piano manufacturer, one of the few companies still in the hands of direct descendents of the original founder for over a century. Today Schimmel continues to rank as one of the world's top brands in the piano industry.

In recent years, Mr. Hannes M. Schimmel-Vogel joined the Schimmel Management and in 2005 became the new head of the company. Along with Gabriela M. Schimmel and assisted by an exceptional team of staff members, the fourth generation continues the legacy of craftsmanship and artistry associated with this company since 1885. 

On May 2nd, 2010 Schimmel celebrated its 125th anniversary. Since this time, Schimmel has seen a strong increase in revenue and orders.  

To progress in piano manufacturing, Schimmel has always looked on its secrets and its tradition. Whether you consider the sound-producing portions, or keyboard-and-action assemblies, the woodworking or design, the research or development, Schimmel know how unite all these areas to create harmony. This is eloquently testified by their instruments and is something you can hear, feel, see and experience with Schimmel pianos.

Schimmel is one of the few piano-manufacturing companies where the art and craft of traditional piano manufacturing is still being carried on, by direct descendents of the founder of the company. This results in top-quality instruments. It is with good reason that the brand name Schimmel enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide.

Wilhelm Schimmel(1854 - 1946) 

W. Arno Schimmel
(1898 - 1961)

 Nikolaus W Schimmel
(1934 - ) 


Hannes Schimmel-Vogel

A fine piano defies description, even in the most eloquent of words. The only way to gain an accurate impression of the outstanding qualities of a Schimmel piano is to actually sit down and play it, and discover for yourself why more musicians and music lovers have chosen Schimmel than any other brand produced by a resident family owned and operated German piano manufacturer.

Schimmel pianos are committed to bringing joy to the hearts of those who play and hear them. With this aim, Schimmel devote themselves to the development of the traditional piano. Component for component, Schimmel pianos are created by the hands of experienced craftsmen. Thousands of individual work operations are necessary, over twelve thousand parts must be assembled, and materials and workmanship carefully matched to each other.

It is with good reason that Schimmel grands and uprights rank among the elite of the traditional name-brand pianos. "Quality" is the word on everyones lips. Some manufacturers who specialise in the lower price classes adorn their products with German-sounding names and attempt to offer cheap imitations to top name-brand pianos. But, in closer detail, such instruments remain cheap imitations. To produce a top name-brand piano requires much more. And this is precisely what Schimmel has to offer.

Bernies Music Land has been the Schimmel representative for Victoria since 1994, and is very proud to offer a magnificent range of Schimmel upright and grand pianos on display on our "Schimmel Stage". In addition, you can select a Schimmel piano to suit your specific requirements, be it colour, design or something even more special. For a complimentary catalogue, please phone Bernies Music Land on (03) 9872 5122.

Owning a Schimmel piano is a very special experience. When you purchase a Schimmel, you will receive 10 years warranty, an exclusive "Caring for your Schimmel" booklet and membership to the "Schimmel Owners Club", with newsletters and special events.  

Schimmel: The Art and Craft of Piano Manufacturing 

The traditional piano is an extremely complex musical instrument. There are over 12,000 individual parts, assembled in countless work operations. Experience is passed from generation to generation in the Schimmel factory. This is combined with Schimmel's revolutionary CAPE (Computer Assisted Piano Engineering) technology, designed and patented by their master craftsman. The delicate marriage of tradition and innovation produces a piano that is refined to new standards. Read more here

Made in Germany

Schimmel pianos are manufactured exclusively at Schimmel's family-owned factory in Braunschweig, Germany. Each new Schimmel Konzert and Classic piano is proudly marked with the authentic "Made in Braunschweig, Germany" badge. At this historic production site, Schimmel cultivates the traditional art and craft of piano manufacturing with today’s advanced technology. This results in truly breathtaking pianos. 

The new "Vogel by Schimmel" series are manufactured in Schimmel’s new factory in Kalitsz, Poland. From here, Schimmel can ensure their precision and care is implemented in each individual instrument, while taking advantage of lower production costs. The Vogel by Schimmel series introduces a magnificent selection of instruments at an affordable price.


German Piano CEO Congratulates Australian Representatives

20th March 2017
Melbourne, AU – The Schimmel Piano Company’s fourth generation CEO and President, Hannes Schimmel- Vogel, made an exuberant commendation of their Australian representatives, Musico, particularly commending the launch of their new website, www.schimmelpianos.com.au.

The website went live in December 2016 and Mr. Schimmel-Vogel wrote;

We are looking back to a year with major achievements in Australia. They all culminated in the new website that is so perfectly representing what we are: A traditional and innovative brand that is carried by family spirit and love for music!
And I know it made this way because this is also exactly the same way Musico works and operates.

We are so proud to be represented by Musico in Australia and the new website is perfectly mirroring the perfect blend of spirits.

Hannes Schimmel-Vogel Geschäftsführer Schimmel-Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH

Based in Braunschweig, Germany, the Schimmel Piano Company continues in the great tradition of piano building, combining generations of craftsmanship with recent advances. Proudly still in the management hands of the founding family, the company is an icon of the German manufacturing industry and a beacon of quality.

Schimmel has enjoyed a strong relationship with Musico since 1996, when Musico became sole Australian distributor. The Schimmel name has grown over this time to become an accepted leader in the Australian premium piano market.

For further details please contact:

Musico Pty Ltd
381 Canterbury Road, Ringwood Vic 3134
Ph. 03 9872 5094

Schimmel Grand Pianos

Schimmel Upright Pianos

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