Johannus ONE

76-note Portable Organ, 7 Individual Organs, 34 Orchestral Sounds, Illuminated Rocker Tabs

$4,995.00 $4,790.00

Johannus ONE

Introducing the Revolutionary Johannus ONE
Experience seven organs, eighty stops and the world famous Johannus sound; all packed into one handy, portable organ keyboard.
With the Johannus Studio ONE, it's no longer the organ that determines the sound of the music; from now on, you're the one in control.
Quality built in speakers allow you to plug in and play instantly at any rehearsal.
A versatile selection of features makes this keyboard ideal for home, studio or performance use.
Take your practice or performance anywhere you like with this revolutionary first-class portable classical organ. 
Width: 1116 mm
Depth: 335 mm
Height: 130 mm 
Weight: 14 Kg

Keyboard 76 Keys with dynamic touch
Tone generator T2L: Sampling and Modelling Technology
Sampling XXL-Wave size, up to 15 seconds on lower piano notes
Sound wave format 24-bit linear - 48 kHz (internal processing and DSP at 32 bit floating)

Digital analog convertion (DAC) 24 bit linear - 48 kHz, Dynamic Range, S/N:106dB

Maximum polyphony: Unlimited with 320 Oscillator
Organ type: English, French, German, American, American Strings, Baroque and Default Eclectic
Pedal stops: 3
Manual I stops: 6
Manual II stops: 7
Orchestral voices: 34
Memory pistons: 4 x 3 Banks under the keyboard, saveable and loadable by USB
Keyboard mode: 3 Parts (MANUAL I, MANUAL II, PEDAL)
Touch sensitivity: 3 Types + Fixed
Reverb: 7 Types
Tremulant: 3 Types
Master equalizer: Tone control
Master tuning: 7 Historical presets + fine adjustable
Transposer: + 6, -6 Semitones

Chord enhancer: YES

Now On Display: This instrument is now on display at Bernies Music Land, 381 Canterbury Road, Ringwood (open 6 days, Monday to Saturday). We welcome your visit to test this instrument. 
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Warranty: The product is fully backed with an Australian dealer warranty.

Stop List:

Manual I   Manual II   Pedal  
Default   Default   Default  
Bourdon 8 Principal 8 Subbass 16
Viola di Gamba 8 Rohrflute 8 Octavebass 8
Vox Celeste 8 Octave 4 Posaune 16
Flute 4 Octave 2    
Nasard 2 2/3 Mixture      
Waldflute 2 Cornet      
Tremulant   Trumpet 8    
Split Manual I-II          
American 8 American   American  
Bourdon 8 Principal 8 Subbass 16
Viola di Gamba 8 Rohrflute 8 Octavebass 8
Vox Celeste 4 Octave 4 Bombarde 16
Rohrflute 2 2/3 Octave 2    
Nasard 2 Mixture      
Waldflute   Krummhorn 8    
Tremulant   Trumpet 8    
Split Manual I-II          
English   English   English  
Gedact 8 Open Diapason 8 Subbass 16
Salicional 8 St. Diapason 8 Octave 8
Voix Celestes II Octave 4 Fagotto 16
Chimney Flute 4 Fifteenth 2    
Viola 4 Furniture      
Block Flute 2 Cornet      
Tremulant   Trumpet 8    
Split Manual I-II          
French   French   French  
Bourdon 8 Montre 8 Soubasse 16
Salicional 8 Fl�te Harm. 8 Fl�te 8
Voix Celestes II Prestant 4 Bombarde 16
Fl�te Oct. 4 Doublette 2    
Nazard 2 2/3 Fourniture      
Octavin 2 Cromorne 8    
Tremulant   Tromp. Harm. 8    
Split Manual I-II          
German   German   German  
Hohlfl�te 8 Prinzipal 8 Subbas 16
Quintat�n 8 Rohrfl�te 8 Oktavbass 8
Blockfl�te 4 Oktave 4 Posaune 16
Quinte 2 2/3 Oktave 2    
Waldfl�te 2 Mixtur      
Quinte 1 1/3 Sesquialtera      
Tremulant   Trompete 8    
Split Manual I-II          
Orchestrals   Orchestrals   Orchestrals  
Strings   Flute   Bass  
Strings Ensemble   Flute   Bass Section  
Slow Strings   Piccolo   Acoustic Bass  
Orchestra       Fingered Bass  
Harp   Violin   Pizzicato Strings  
Classic Percussions   Violin      
Pizzicato Strings   Viola   Orchestra  
    Bandoneon   Orchestra  
Choir       Tuba  
mmh-Choir   Oboe   Tubular Bell  
Classic Choir   Oboe   Classic Percussions  
Space Vox   Clarinet      
Celesta   Bassoon      
    English Horn      
Classic Grand   Trumpet      
Dyno Stage   Trumpet      
Blues Organ   Baroque Trumpet      
Gospel Organ   Trombone      
Bandoneon   French Horn      
Harpsichord 8'          
Harpsichord 4'          
Harpsichord Coupled