Hailun CF-218 Concert Grand Piano

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Hailun CF-218 Concert Grand Piano

Experience the new standard in piano performance!
From the multi-award winning Hailun piano company comes a grand piano that will attract the attention of performers and listeners alike. 
At a generous and popular 7-foot 2-inches size, the Hailun 218 grand piano delivers phenomenal power and balanced tone, uncommon in its price category. 

Extremely responsive to the touch, the HG-218 is ideal for any level of performance. Stephan Paulello designed its powerful yet delicate tonal range, which has received great acclaim in Europe and USA.

The HG 218 beautifies any surrounding, with magnificent Birdseye maple trim and detailed lines.
Sturdy construction makes it the ideal institutional, stage or studio grand piano. 
Hailun grand pianos are now in stock in Australia, and available for delivery in all areas of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns, Adelaide and Perth through the extensive dealer network. Please enquire today to 03 9872 5122. 

Dimensions: Depth 218cm, Width 150cm, Height 102cm (lid closed).
Colour: Black gloss.
Now on Display: at Bernies Music Land. New Stock and demonstration models now available - please call 03 9872 5122.

Technical Specifications

* Weight: 859 lbs. (390 kg.)
* Plate: Wet sand-cast original Paulello design to enhance tonal projection
* Hammer Felt: Reinforced German felt
* Hammers: German 'Abel'
* Strings: Roslau (duplex scaling)
* #1 Bass String: 64 in. (163 cm.)
* Bridges: Hand-notched maple
* Treble Bridge: Vertically laminated maple with European beech cap; Emerson logarithmic design without "crook"; no wound strings on treble bridge or foreshortening of treble bridge
* Bass Bridge: Solid maple Paulello design to decrease weight and strategically placed for quality of tone
* Soundboard Area: 1968 sq. in.
* Soundboard: Tapered German solid spruce asymmetric design and double crowned
* Treble cut off: Exclusive design adding stiffness to the soundboard in high treble area to increase response to higher frequencies
* Bass cut off bar: Rounded and uniquely placed for tonal quality
* Pin Block: Multi-laminate European beech
* Ribs: 13 quarter sawn spruce
* Beams/Posts: 5
* Inner & Outer Rim: Maple
* Lid: Beveled & reinforced
* Action: Hailun Performance Plus design
* Action Parts: European hornbeam
* Action Rail: Laminated European beech
* Hammer Rail: Hard Maple
* Keybed: Multi-laminate poplar
* Keys: Solid Spruce
* Keytops: High grade Japanese PMMA
* Pedals: Brass--Full sostenuto
* Keyframe: European beech and spruce, reinforced
* Tuning Pins: #45 steel, chromium sealed
Now On Display: This instrument is now on display at Bernies Music Land, 381 Canterbury Road, Ringwood (open 6 days, Monday to Saturday). We welcome your visit to test this instrument. 
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Caring for your Instrument:
We will provide you with a booklet with information to care for your beautiful piano at home.

Bernies is a family business and has been serving the music industry in Melbourne for over 45 years. We look forward to helping you to become one of our very happy customers.

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