Hailun is a world leader in piano production and innovation.

Mr. Hailun Chen and Mrs. Faye Chen own the Hailun Piano Company. Both were graduates of the Piano Technology School in Bejing where they met and fell in love with each other as well as with the world of pianos.

They founded their company together, which was initially co-owned by the Chinese government. The company specialized in producing piano parts and quickly became known as one of the most reliable supplier of highest accuracy semi-finished pianos. Mr. Chen incrementally purchased full control for the company and set his goal to build the finest pianos in the Far East.

During that time he met a fourth generation piano builder from Vienna, Austria. Peter Veletzy and Hailun Chen struck up a special friendship and Mr. Veletzky transferred know-how and technology in order to build instruments that would be able to compete with makers in Europe. Combining their expertise with that of Mr Veletzky, Hailun has grown to be one of the giants of Eastern piano production. They have since teamed up with piano designers from around the world, including: George Emerson, Zlatkovic Sibin and Ema Shigeru. They have also worked with Stephen Paulello, the French scale designer to ensure both the cabinetry and internal works of their instruments rival those made in the long established European market.

Hailun Piano Company also invested heavily in Japanese and German digital production equipment and manufacturing lines and is currently employing the newest and most advanced technology available to piano manufacturers.

Now with more than 20 years of successful manufacturing experience, Hailun has created a new benchmark standard for high quality piano manufacturing across the Far East.

A true family business, Hailun have built a reputation for precision and reliability among their customers.

As the Hailun name grows rapidly in recognition amongst peers, the company upholds its mission of providing perfect instruments for any musician looking to buy a superb piano at an incredibly reasonable price.

Hailun Professional Grand Pianos

Hailun CF168 Academy Grand Piano

New Grand Piano

Hailun CF-218 Concert Grand Piano

Demo Model - One Only
$52,995.00 $39,980.00

Hailun Professional Upright Pianos

Hailun H-1

New Academy Piano

Hailun H-5

New, Upright Piano Series