Hammond A-405 Console Organ

The Consummate Performer seems to best describe this wonderful Hammond Organ. As soon as you switch on this organ it is ready and waiting to be played. The superb quality of the Vase III drawbar system, Leslie, Vibrato, Chorus, pedal sustain and Extra Voices are all available and ready for your musical selection. There is an underlining simplicity about this instrument, meaning that there is no need to delve into complex menus or make constant reference with the owner's manual. The instrument is ready to play as soon as you turn on the power switch.

he Hammond A-405 has drawbars for all three manuals, Swell (Upper), Great (Lower) and Pedal. Add to this a selection of 880 magnificent Extra Voices and the possibilities for making wonderful music are limitless. The Extra Voices have been grouped into their respective musical instrument families, i.e. Piano, Brass, Woodwind, etc, and therefore making the selection process simple. Amongst this vast selection, the piano and guitar voices as a whole are magnificent, accordions are not only authentic but inspiring, the harmonica selection is wonderful and one of the best amongst current organ manufacturers, brass and brass solo, flute with trill, Wurlitzer electric pianos and acoustic bass simply amazing.

Accurately reproduces the Tone-wheel sound

The A405 contains 96 independant oscillating digital tone-wheels that accurately reproduce the sound of the vintage B-3 and C-3. In addition, this organ has full polyphony (All notes can be played at once)

Built in extra voices

Extra voices such as the piano, strings, brass, wind 880 instruments and 56 drum kits are built in for producing realistic instrumental sound. A 16 part multi-timbrall GM upper compatible sound engine is included for reproducing GM standard song data (Plays standard MIDI files)

Advanced Digital Leslie / Vibrato Effects

The A-405SP is equipped with a DSP effect generator to simulate the Scanner-Vibrato and Leslie Speaker. The range of sound that you can create is expanded by the use of Vibrato and chorus effects and by the the real sounding Leslie effects which effectively simulates the rotation of the rotors which are present in traditional Leslie Speakers.

Equalizer and Tone Control

A 3-band equalizer and tone control are built in. The equalizer can make fine or course tonal adjustments to the bass, treble and mid frequency ranges. The Tone-control simulates the circuit built in on the vintage B-3/C-3 pre-amp to obtain a gently-cut treble.

Sequencer with CompactFlash card slot

A sequencer is built in for recording the player's performance. The CompactFlash card is used to record the performance data. MIDI Master Keyboard -- An external zone is available on each manual and pedalboard to enable this organ to be used as a master keyboard to control other external MIDI keyboards or sound devices.

50 watt 3 CH Audio Amplifier

Built in a 50 watt Power Amp for each hannel of Left, Right and Centre Bass.

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