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Hammond A-405P Chapel Organ

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Elegant, Compact and Versatile Chapel Organ

Crafted in the Hammond factory in Hammamatsu Japan, the new A-405 organ is a complete playing companion for the church, stage, studio or home organist.

When Lawrence Hammond invented the Hammond electronic organ in 1934, he created an icon. Today the Hammond name is recognised and loved by musicians of all generations.

“The Consummate Performer” seems to best describe this wonderful Hammond Organ. The rich, lush sound of the Hammond organ has thrilled generations and spanned musical genres from liturgical gospel music to jazz, blues, swing, latin, pop music and much more.

The Hammond A-405 has drawbars for all three manuals: Swell (Upper), Great (Lower) and Pedal. Add to this a selection of 880 magnificent Extra Voices and the possibilities for making wonderful music are limitless.

The beauty of the Hammond drawbar organ is the unlimited musical potential. Combined with the unique versatility controls and superb speaker system, Hammond is renowned for a real organ playing experience.

The A-405 is a welcoming organ designed to be just as simple or advanced as you would like it to be. It is approachable for the hobby player, church organist and stage organists alike - with great menu buttons and controls at your fingertips.

Featuring the latest Vase III sound engine, the A-405 offers Hammond’s finest sound quality yet. The real thrill comes thanks to the genuine built in Digital LeslieTM for ultimate sound performance whether in lounge room, studio, chapel or on stage.

For all who love the Hammond organ, you will enjoy every note on the A-405.

Features For Every Organist:

Real Hammond Drawbars: Create exceptional sound combinations with full drawbars for upper, lower and pedals. Follow in the footsteps of organ masters like Jimmy Smith or find your own unique sound.

Rich, Full Power: Hammond's super powerful sound system delivers unmatched sound, with rich bass and superb clarity. This offers optimal sound balance for any room, whether small or large. 

Real Organ Effects: Experience the authentic Hammond vibe by adding your own personal balance of popular organ controls like Leslie, percussion, overdrive, reverb, vibrato and chorus.

Instrumental Voices: In addition to classic orchestral voices like strings, brass and plucked instruments, new expressive and modern tones have been added including electric pianos and mood strings. Create layered textures on both the upper and lower keyboards with 880 voices offering outstanding resolution and realism.

The Extra Voices have been grouped into their respective musical instrument families, i.e. Piano, Brass, Woodwind, etc., therefore making the selection process simple. Amongst this vast selection, the piano and guitar voices as a whole are magnificent, accordions are not only authentic but inspiring, the harmonica selection is wonderful and one of the best amongst current organ manufacturers, brass and brass solo, flute with trill, Wurlitzer electric pianos and acoustic bass… simply amazing.

For those who like to tweak their sound, the ability to edit both the Tone Wheel and Leslie cabinet settings is extremely innovative and useful, expanding the creative possibilities of the instrument.

Rhythm Styles: Enhance your enjoyment and play along with rhythms and styles from all over the world, by adding the optional CompactFlash™ Card. This includes lush orchestral arrangements and popular genre banks. By playing simple chords on the lower keyboard, the arranger function automatically adds accompaniment allowing you to play with a virtual backing band of professional musicians.

The rhythm styles are divided up into 59 rhythm styles with no accompaniment and 115 rhythm styles with automatic accompaniment. All rhythm styles have two variations, fill-in, introduction and ending. Instructional DVD available.

Presets: Once you have set-up your favourite drawbar and voice combinations, you can save this to one of the nine banks of nine presets. This means that there are a total of 81 presets available, as well as other panel settings without the need of using memory cards or disk drives. A selection of interesting factory presets are built in and ready to explore.

Unlimited Record and Play Back: The Hammond A-405 has the capability of having a CompactFlash™ Card inserted into the front of the instrument thus allowing you to expand the memory capacity of the organ. Capture your playing via the on-board sequencer and store on the CompactFlash™ Card for unlimited creativity.

Elegant Construction: A compact and stylish modern organ, the Hammond A-405 features smooth dark walnut cherry finish. Housed inside is an impressive sound system with two 50 watt speakers and two 10 watt tweeters for incredibly crisp, full organ sound.

The Colours of Hammond: The Hammond Organ Company incorporates the seven colours of the rainbow in their logo design. The correlation of Hammond and colour is ideal. Both the rainbow and musical scale have only seven colours and notes respectively. The possibilities that these colours and notes offer are infinite. The Hammond A-405 Organ colours your music.

Instructional DVD: Explore this full-featured organ in your own time with the “Deluxe User DVD”. Join us to explore the features and functions, with full step-by-step lessons. Discover easy tips and tricks for outstanding sound balance, easy set-up, record and play back, and much more. This DVD shows you how to create wonderful music on the A-405 for years to come.

Experience Hammond Today: Make sure to visit your authorised Hammond dealer and experience for yourself the simplicity and beauty of the Hammond A-405.


Making Music Since 1934
One man single-handedly created the entire organ and keyboard world as we know it today; Laurens Hammond. By the time of his death in 1973, there were over thirty manufacturers of electronic organs. This figure would increase in the 1970’s as demand for easy-play home organs grew to incredible proportions.

Today the Hammond legend lives on, with sound created - thanks to original Hammond blueprints - by the Hammond Suzuki Corporation in Japan and the quality you would expect from this iconic name.

Bernie’s Music Land loves the Hammond organ. When Bernie’s opened their first store in 1977, they sold a record number of Hammond organs.

In 1993 Bernie’s Music Land became the sole Australian importer and have enjoyed decades of promoting Hammond organs with their great network of Hammond organists, acclaimed customer workshops and outstanding service centre support.

Bernie’s looks forward to making music with you.

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