Hammond A-405P Chapel Organ

Elegant, compact and versatile


Hammond A-405P Chapel Organ

The Consummate Performer seems to best describe this wonderful Hammond Organ.
As soon as you switch on this organ it is ready and waiting to be played. The superb quality of the Vase III drawbar system, Leslie, Vibrato, Chorus, pedal sustain and Extra Voices are all available and ready for your musical selection. There is an underlining simplicity about this instrument, meaning that there is no need to delve into complex menus or make constant reference with the owner's manual. The instrument is ready to play as soon as you turn on the power switch.
The Hammond A-405 has drawbars for all three manuals, Swell (Upper), Great (Lower) and Pedal. Add to this a selection of 880 magnificent Extra Voices and the possibilities for making wonderful music are limitless. 
The Extra Voices have been grouped into their respective musical instrument families, i.e. Piano, Brass, Woodwind, etc, and therefore making the selection process simple. Amongst this vast selection, the piano and guitar voices as a whole are magnificent, accordions are not only authentic but inspiring, the harmonica selection is wonderful and one of the best amongst current organ manufacturers, brass and brass solo, flute with trill, Wurlitzer electric pianos and acoustic bass simply amazing.
For those who like to tweak their sound, the ability to edit both the Tone Wheel and Leslie cabinet settings is extremely innovative and useful, expanding the creative possibilities of the instrument.
Another handy feature is the Zone function, uniquely innovative allowing you to not only split the upper and or lower keyboards, but also enabling you to overlap the Drawbars with the Extra Voices, thus ending up with three voice combinations or split points on one keyboard, i.e. only Drawbars, drawbars with an Extra Voice, and only the Extra Voice. This is an excellent feature that gives great dimension to the sound.
Once you have set-up your favourite registration, you can save this setting to one of the nine banks of nine presets. This means that there are a total of 81 presets available for saving your favourite registrations, without the need of using memory cards or disk drives. The presets allow you to save all aspects of the instrument, including enabling you to choose what part of the Combination Preset changes, as you select from the nine different presets within each bank. This means that you can change from one preset to another and choose to only change the sound(s) on the upper keyboard, whilst retaining the same settings and sounds in the lower and pedal keyboards. 
The Hammond A-405 features an exciting selection of 169 Rhythm Styles, which will truly inspire your playing imagination and have you rummaging through your print music looking for favourite music. The rhythm styles are divided up into 59 rhythm styles with no accompaniment and 115 rhythm styles with automatic accompaniment. All 169 rhythm styles have two variations, fill-in, introduction and ending.
The rhythm styles are not contrived and clinical. They have a distinctive live drumming feel and quality. Upon listening to the styles you will find that they do not suffer from the clinical sequencing feature called quantising. There is always a sense of the unknown when playing along with a selected Rhythm style, much like having a real drummer playing along side with you.
The Hammond A-405 has the capability of having a Compact Flash Card inserted into the front of the instrument, thus allowing you to expand the memory capacity of the organ.
Once you have filled up all your 81 presets, you can then proceed to save them to your Compact Flash Card and assign a file name to your presets. This means you will never be limited in saving all the fabulous sound and rhythm combinations that you create.
The Compact Flash Card function allows you to record your performance including all your registration changes and expression. With the simple touch of the record button you're immediately making a live recording of your own favourite performance. Once you have completed your recording the performance is automatically saved on your Compact Flash Card. You can choose to name your performance and then enjoy listening to yourself with the touch of the play button.
Please consider this The Hammond Organ Company incorporate the seven colours of the rainbow in their logo design. The correlation of Hammond and colour is ideal. Both the rainbow and musical scale have only seven colours and notes respectively. The possibilities that these colours and notes offer are infinite. The Hammond A-405 Organ colours your music.

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For more information, check out our Hammond A-405 Organ Brochure.
Accurately reproduces the Tone-wheel sound -- The A405 contains 96 independant oscillating digital tone-wheels that accurately reproduce the sound of the vintage B-3 and C-3. In addition, this organ has full polyphony (All notes can be played at once)
Built in extra voices -- Extra voices such as the piano, strings, brass, wind 880 instruments and 56 drum kits are built in for producing realistic instrumental sound. A 16 part multi-timbrall GM upper compatible sound engine is included for reproducing GM standard song data (Plays standard MIDI files)
Advanced Digital Leslie / Vibrato Effects -- The A-405SP is equipped with a DSP effect generator to simulate the Scanner-Vibrato and Leslie Speaker. The range of sound that you can create is expanded by the use of Vibrato and chorus effects and by the the real sounding Leslie effects which effectively simulates the rotation of the rotors which are present in traditional Leslie Speakers.
Equalizer and Tone Control -- A 3-band equalizer and tone control are built in. The equalizer can make fine or course tonal adjustments to the bass, treble and mid frequency ranges. The Tone-control simulates the circuit built in on the vintage B-3/C-3 pre-amp to obtain a gently-cut treble.
Sequencer with CompactFlash card slot -- A sequencer is built in for recording the player's performance. The CompactFlash card is used to record the performance data.
MIDI Master Keyboard -- An external zone is available on each manual and pedalboard to enable this organ to be used as a master keyboard to control other external MIDI keyboards or sound devices.
50 watt 3 CH Audio Amplifier -- Built in a 50 watt Power Amp for each channel of Left, Right and Centre Bass.
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