Fridolin by Schimmel F121

New, Premium Upright Piano

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Fridolin by Schimmel F121

Introducing the New Standard in Affordable Premium Pianos

From the acclaimed Schimmel brand family comes a new line of premium upright pianos, designed in Germany and offering an outstanding sound and touch. 

There are many good reasons why the Schimmel instruments have remained the best-selling German pianos for decades. Numerous innovations provide pianists playing smaller pianos with the sound and touch characteristics of a full size concert grand piano. In addition, Schimmel's status as the most awarded German piano maker supports their great popularity. Above all, however, is Schimmel's passion to create flexible, musically inspiring instruments which are built to give you lasting musical experiences.

The Fridolin F 121

This medium sized piano is one of the most popular sizes for piano players, where the balance of size and sound are combined in the ideal way, producing a beautiful result. The unique cabinet design with piano legs that flow with an unbroken visual line all the way down to the castor creates the perfect harmony of appearance as well as sound. 

The Fridolin F 121 is available in a selection of colour finishes and is now on display at Bernies Music Land.

Available Finishes: Gloss Ebony, Gloss White, Gloss Walnut.

Dimensions: 121cm x 148cm x 59cm.

Each Fridolin Piano Features:
* The soul of a German piano in sound and touch. Fridolin instruments provide the pianist with the German tradition of richness in sound and a well-balanced touch.
* Schimmel Germany technical design in action and acoustic assembly.
* Exceptional components, including German hammer felt and Rösslau strings give you that real European sound.
* A particularly beautiful Schimmel cabinet design. Schimmel family instruments receive numerous international design and performance awards. Fridolin offers a beautiful finish, only available in premium pianos.
*  Schimmel's extended factory warranty assures that you are purchasing a durable instrument. Fridolin instruments are a smart investment for which Schimmel vouches with its name.

Fridolin by Schimmel

The focus on quality and technical genius are talents that both brothers Wilhelm and Fridolin Schimmel enjoyed on two sides of the world. Since 1885 Wilhelm Schimmel commenced production in Germany and in 1893 Fridolin Schimmel pianos became a synonym for quality craftsmanship in North America. Today, Schimmel honors this heritage with this premium range of "Fridolin Schimmel" upright pianos. 

Craftsmanship By Hand

Schimmel pianos are handcrafted according to the tradition handed down over generations - with loving attention to every detail. This requires time, patience and real empathy for the craft. The experienced Schimmel craftsmen responsible for Fridolin instruments bring a guarantee of European tone and quality, which allows the pianist an especially enjoyable playing experience. With over 13 years of excellence in piano-making, the new Fridolin factory ensures that pianos offer the soul of a German piano in sound and touch.

Designed in Germany

Designed completely in Germany, this series is produced in the world's largest piano factory in China, according to a strict process from Schimmel and overseen by Senior Schimmel Technical Staff.

Each Fridolin model is crafted with the world's finest components and overseen by the Schimmel technical team in state of the art production facilities. The result is a piano which is not only great value, but clearly belongs to the Schimmel family of tone and touch.

Outstanding Recognition in Australia

The Schimmel name has seen a significant increase in popularity in Australia as colleges, institutions and professionals discover the full dynamic sound and maximum playing control in these fine pianos. 

Australia is generally a very dry climate, which is particularly demanding on piano soundboards and tuning systems. As such, pianos must be built with quality and durability as priority, leading
to a sound investment in the Fridolin Schimmel range.

Since 1996, Musico Pty Ltd has been the authorised importer and distributor for Schimmel pianos in Australia, operating from a large warehouse superstore in the leafy suburbs of Melbourne. Schimmel dealers are selected for their outstanding professional expertise
and we highly recommend you inspect and compare these top production instruments today.

Special Owner's Bonus Pack

Each Fridolin by Schimmel piano comes with a delightfully boxed Owner's Pack which includes a decorative piano dust cover, a key cover, a cleaning cloth, castor cups, a humidity gauge, and a Caring for Your Piano booklet. Each Fridolin Schimmel piano also comes with a deluxe adjustable bench in a matching finish. 

View the Fridolin by Schimmel Brochure.

A Rich History in Piano Building

The second half of the 19th century saw many talented piano craftsmen in Europe and America starting their own business. Among them were two brothers, Wilhelm and Fridolin Schimmel. Both had the entrepreneurial spirit and both were dedicated to craftsmanship and quality. Wilhelm Schimmel, the older brother, is founder of "Schimmel Pianos" in Germany in 1885, a famous brand which has become synonymous with first class grand and upright pianos made in Germany. The younger brother, Fridolin Schimmel, founded a modern piano production in the United States of America in 1893, making successful designs for two upright pianos and a grand piano model, then later expanding to new fields of manufacturing. In Germany, Wilhelm Schimmel stayed with pianos only and continued with his son, Wilhelm Arno Schimmel, followed by his grandson Wilhelm Nikolaus Schimmel and then great-grandson, Hannes Schimmel-Vogel. The new range of Fridolin by Schimmel pianos has been designed with an affectionate nod to the work of the founder's brother and as a robust, affordable and excellent option in the premium piano market. 
Silent Piano Option
The pianist can practice at any time of the day or night without disturbing anyone thanks to the Schimmel twintone sound muting feature, now available factory-fitted in Fridolin models. The Schimmel twintone system offers reduced noise and a refined design for enhanced comfort and action stability.

Delivery is available Australia wide from $255, to calculate the best rate for you, please let us know your delivery address and access information.

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After Sales Support:
Bernies Music Land offers you our famous after sales service, with a team of on-staff technicians to provide you with prompt, excellent service.

Caring for your Instrument:
We will provide you with a booklet with information to care for your beautiful piano at home.

Bernies is a family business and has been serving the music industry in Melbourne for over 44 years. We look forward to helping you to become one of our very happy customers.

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Ebony/Black polished
White polished
Walnut polished