Piano Tuning and Repair

When you purchase a lovely instrument it must be taken care of to ensure lasting value.

Like a car, your piano needs minor and major servicing, which depends on the use and care of the instrument.

Most tuners will recommend that you tune your piano once or up to twice a year, as a piano can be affected by temperature and can go slightly ‘out of tune’ as the seasons change from summer to winter.

In schools, or where an instrument is frequently used, it is common to undertake more regular tuning.

Reasons For Regular Tuning

To The Owner;

For the first few years of a piano’s life, it goes through a settling down or ‘playing–in’ period, this varies with the amount of use. The felts and leather parts of the action gradually compress with playing and the strings also go through a stretching and settling-in–period. For this reason, pitch and regulation will gradually fall away from manufacturers’ design and tension specifications. If not tuned and checked on a regular basis, touch and performance will be impaired and damage could occur.

– David Baldrey

( Retired ) Tuner & Technician for Bernies Music Land

We recommend you chat with your tuner to plan the care for your instrument, taking into account;

  • How much you are playing,
  • The age and condition of the piano,
  • The environment the piano is in,
  • And any other factors like windows, heating and cooling.

Caring For Your Piano 

A piano represents an important investment. As a beautiful instrument and piece of furniture, it should be treated with care and respect. A piano needs regular attention and professional care to ensure it remains in good condition for many years to come. 

It is surprising indeed how many owners of fine pianos neglect this important detail. No one would ever think of driving a car for a thousand miles without grease, oil or air in the tyres. But, many people expect a piano to give its best service year after year without any attention whatsoever! 


Guide for choosing a Piano

Organ Service 

Playing the organ is wonderful fun and here at Bernies Music Land, we love making music on the organ.

Finding a service agent to repair an organ can be difficult, as many service technicians have retired and many companies no longer make organs.

Service to organs over 20 years old may be “like opening a can of worms”. When manufacturing was 30, 40 or even 50 years ago, technicians found that taking an organ apart to repair it often resulted in more broken parts or issues discovered.

The organ specialists at Bernies Music Land are happy to discuss with you, free of charge, whether the particular model you have is feasible to repair and what options may be available to you.


Bernies Music Land has a specialist organ technician on staff at our Ringwood, Melbourne showrooms and is pleased to assist with service for:

  • Any Johannus organ
  • Any Hammond organ less than 20 years old
  • Any instrument purchased at Bernies Music Land.

Here at Bernies, we have sold and serviced organs for 45 years. Our organ specialists are happy to chat with you for fair advice on any make and model of the organ.

For Enquires Please Call (03) 9872 5122

Piano Service

Regular, and major servicing ensures the long term enjoyment of your beautiful instrument.


Caring for your piano

Help ensure many years of happy music making on your piano


Advice on Buying Instruments Online

Guidelines from the Australian Music Association to note before buying musical instruments online.