Johannus International Pricing Statement

Every Johannus installation is individually and meticulously planned to ensure the best musical result and your complete satisfaction.

Prices quoted on Johannus Organs sold through Australian dealers and agents are inclusive of costs such as optional accessories, importing charges and taxes, quarantine compliance costs, currency exchange costs, site inspections, professional liaison, GST, local delivery, installation, materials, labour, tonal intonation work and Australian warranty. Australian law forbids the quotation of prices that do not include GST.

Companies with websites outside of Australia that quote prices of Johannus organs in foreign currencies are not obliged to reflect these costs. Therefore the 'starting from' prices shown on these websites may appear different to 'all inclusive' prices quoted by Australian dealers. Quotations are prepared on an individual basis after extensive consultation with prospective clients. This way they can be assured the proposed installation meets any individual or unique requirements. 
 Johannus Headquarters in The Netherlands