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Expert Design and Installation for Unforgettable Musical Ambiance right here in Melbourne at Bernie’s Music Land


Concept & Development

This is where we start to bring your ideas and ‘wishlist’ together, forming them into a cohesive preliminary concept and having a site meeting. We highly encourage you to provide our specialist consultant with as much information as possible. Once we have the information, we will schedule a planning meeting to review it together. During this meeting, our consultant will start generating ideas and suggestions to present to you for review.

Design & Factory Input

After we have finalised your preliminary concept, it is time to start communicating with the Monarke Special Projects Department at the Johannus factory. Quite a good deal of work happens at this stage. The factory reviews our concept, sometimes making suggestions to refine our ideas and we will keep in touch through out this stage with feedback from the factory. From this a final draft design is developed and completed for your approval, along with costings and timeline.



Order Confirmation

Once you approve the final draft design, we are now ready to formalise the order with the factory. It is here we generate all the necessary paperwork, sign off on the design and your deposit is paid. We then receive a formal confirmation from the factory, which our specialist checks, the order is then confirmed and the production process commences.


The design and building of a custom-made organ is a detailed and involved process. As every organ is built to client design, the time it will take to build your organ can vary. Once we confirm the order with the factory, an assessment of developmental requirements and build times is completed and a time frame is then laid out.




While your organ is being built, this is the time when we start to plan the logistics and installation timetable. We start planning the installation stage to ensure that the final installation goes smoothly. This step may require another site meeting or two.


When your organ arrives on-site, this is where months of meticulous planning come together. Although it will be very exciting to see your new organ, hearing it for the first time is even more exciting. After the console is placed, speakers installed and it is all connected up, our in-house Monarke Custom Organ specialist starts the most critical phase of the entire process – the voicing and intonation work. Every note on every stop is meticulously adjusted and the timbre of the organ is melded with the building acoustic to achieve a cohesive and balanced, sonorous result. Once this work is completed, we would encourage one final meeting with our consultant for an overview of the tonal overlay and organ operation. The organ is then handed over for you to enjoy and celebrate.


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