Make Music with Us

At Bernie’s Music School, we are dedicated to helping you embark on a musical journey that’s both enjoyable and enriching. Our comprehensive music education programs cater to students of all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner looking to explore the world of music or an advanced musician seeking to refine your techniques, our expert instructors are here to guide you every step of the way.

Piano and Organ Lessons

Workshop and Special Events

Piano Masterclass

Program and Organ Lessons at Bernies 

Experience the Joy of Making Music

Our Monday to Saturday term lessons are designed to ensure you make consistent progress while having fun. Our warm and friendly teachers adapt their teaching methods to your individual goals, whether you’re aiming to play your favourite songs, master classical compositions, or plunge into music theory.

Set Musical Goals

For those interested in formal recognition of their skills, we offer examination syllabi from renowned institutions such as ANZCA, AMEB, Trinity, ABRSM, and the Suzuki Organ Method. Our teachers will provide the guidance needed to excel in these exams while nurturing your love for music.

Bernies Music School Offers

  • Monday to Saturday daytime and afternoon lessons during school terms.
  • Learn from our brilliant teachers (performers, coaches, professional musicians).
  • Play on our beautiful new pianos and organs.
  • Free practice facilities.
  • Work with your personal style and goals. We specialise in lessons for adult beginners!
  • Special Discounts on all purchases including sheet music.
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2024 Term Dates

Monday 30 January – 3 April 9 weeks Holiday: 13 March
Tuesday 31 January – 4 April 10 weeks
Wednesday 1 February – 5 April 10 weeks
Thursday 2 February – 6 April 10 weeks
Friday 3 February – 31 March 9 weeks
Saturday 4 February – 1 April 9 weeks

Monday 24 April – 19 June 8 weeks Holiday: 12 June
Tuesday 2 May – 20 June 8 weeks Holiday: 25th April
Wednesday 26 April – 21 June 9 weeks
Thursday 27 April – 22 June 9 weeks
Friday 28 April – 23 June 9 weeks
Saturday 29 April – 24 June 9 weeks
Monday 10 July – 11 September 10 weeks
Tuesday 11 July – 12 September 10 weeks
Wednesday 12 July – 13 September 10 weeks
Thursday 13 July – 14 September 10 weeks
Friday 14 July – 15 September 10 weeks
Saturday 15 July – 16 September 10 weeks

Monday 2 October – 18 December 12 weeks
Tuesday 3 October – 19 December 11 weeks Holiday: 7 November
Wednesday 4 October – 20 December 12 weeks
Thursday 5 October – 14 December 11 weeks
Friday 6 October – 15 December 11 weeks
Saturday 7 October – 16 December 11 weeks


We are pleased to offer term-by-term lessons. This allows you to lock in a time that suits you best and enjoy this regular lesson time.
Lesson fees are paid per term, in advance or on the day of the first lesson, by bank deposit, EFTPOS, visa or MasterCard in person or by phoning (03) 9872 5122. 

Invoices are sent by email a few days before the start of each term. Payment can be made instore, by phone, or by direct debit.

To Book a Lesson Time: A deposit of $50 is required when booking a new lesson time or re-enrolling for the next term to guarantee your time. This is deducted from the term’s fees.

First Consultation: (For new students) of 30 minutes can be booked for $65, paid on booking.



  • Students are requested to participate in the Bernies Music School concerts. We ask you to support this great experience.


  • Photocopying of Copyright music is illegal and heavy fines apply. Music that is currently for sale is not, by law, permitted to be copied.
    Bernies Music Land does not allow photocopied material on the premises and accepts no responsibility on any teachers or students
    behalf for infringement of this Copyright Law.

Missed Lessons or Late Attendance

  • Unfortunately, we are not able to provide credits or refunds for missed or cancelled lessons. The teacher is booked to be here at the time
    reserved for you and has a full schedule of classes.
  • If your teacher is ill or away, a replacement teacher from our awesome team will teach you on that day.
  • As we stick to a tight schedule, if you are late for your lesson, your lesson will still have to finish at the original scheduled time.


  • Bernies Music School students may enroll for examinations including; ANZCA, AMEB, Trinity, ABRSM and St Cecilia School of Music.
    Students must be with the same teacher for a minimum of 6 months of lessons prior to submitting for exam entry. Students planning for an exam will require longer or additional lessons, so please plan this early with your teacher. Additional time is billed at your usual lesson rate at the time of booking.

Photo, Video and Recording

  • From time to time, Bernies Music Land takes photos or recordings at our wonderful events, including the Bernies Music School Concert. These may be used for Bernies Music Land’s promotional purposes. To opt out, please email 


  • Bernies Music School is a service for customers of Bernies Music Land and we reserve all rights of acceptance.
  • Enrolment to Bernies Music School indicates acceptance of these policies.
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