Play in Silence, Express with Brilliance: Experience Genio Silent Piano at Bernie's Music Land.

Introducing the revolutionary Genio Silent Piano system – your gateway to playing your own piano, silently and with unparalleled convenience. This world-renowned interface can be seamlessly installed into nearly any piano, preserving the authentic touch and dynamics of a real instrument while offering the comfort of headphone usage and a range of versatile features.



Effortless acoustic or silent function switch with a simple lever operation

Easy recording of your performances
( Premium Models Only )

Multiple headphone connections for private practice

Transpose and pitch control for versatile playing options

Experience the Joy: With Genio, you can relish the pleasure of playing your beloved piano without disturbing others, allowing for private practice sessions at any time of the day.

Advanced Features: Enjoy the flexibility of recording your performances and adding orchestral background accompaniments to enhance your playing.

Expert Installation: Bernie’s Music Land offers professional installation services for the Genio system, ensuring seamless integration into your piano. Our skilled technicians will ensure that you receive the best performance from your piano with Genio.

Available for Grand and Upright Pianos

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Add a Genio system to your piano and discover a new universe of musical potential.

Genio fits any piano type, enabling silent playing with headphones and key movement capture.

The LCD is large and easy to read, making it great to use.

Connect with MIDI devices, stereo systems, and explore a world of enriched music possibilities.

Easily record piano performances, score music on a computer, and preserve your musical creations

Genio Basic for Upright Pianos

Basic model for enjoyable silent playing experience


Genio Premium for Upright and Grand

Premium model for creative musical enjoyment with new features

Unlock the true potential of your piano with the Genio Silent Piano system, available for installation at Bernie’s Music Land. Embrace the joy of playing in silence while exploring new dimensions of musical expression with this cutting-edge technology.