Keyboard & Organ Servicing

Service & Repair

Bernies Music Land is pleased to currently offer technician service in Melbourne for:

- Instruments purchased at Bernies Music Land, both during and after the Warranty period, and
- Hammond and Johannus organs.

For advice on service and repair to Organs, Keyboards, Digital Pianos instruments and Speakers, please call our team on 03 9872 5122 .

To Book:

Call 9872 5122 or email
Our team will trouble shoot and create a plan of action to get you making music again asap.


Which organs or keyboards do Bernies Music Land service?

Bernies Music Land offers dedicated service support for Hammond and Johannus instruments. With an extensive catalogue of parts in stock, and an excellent relationship with both factories, Bernies is able to conduct most service and repair with an excellent outcome.
Johannus classic organs in The Netherlands offers their customers a guarantee that parts will be available for all models ever produced under the Johannus badge. Bernies Music Land's team are factory trained and ready to assist with service Australia wide.

How much will it cost to repair an old organ?

Unfortunately there is no easy answer to this. It depends what is wrong with the instrument, how much you wish to spend, and how good you would like the instrument to be after repair.
If you would like to check that an instrument is suitable for repair, please phone us on 03 9872 5122.

Is there an age limit to repairing organ or keyboard instruments?

Generally repairs can be made to organs which are up to 25 years old. After this age, parts are usually required. Many organ manufacturers no longer exist, so parts must be taken from another similar instrument (so you'll need to buy another organ to repair yours). Please chat with us to assess your musical needs.