Originally designed as a companion piece to the Hammond tonewheel organ, it adds richness, motion, and animation to the audio, creating an immersive listening experience.

The Leslie speaker is renowned for its ability to create a captivating three-dimensional sound that enhances the tones of musical instruments.
Leslie speaker is a legendary companion to the Hammond tonewheel organ, designed to add a three-dimensional richness to its sound.
Full range of Leslie speakers are now available at Bernies Music Land.



Vintage Charm and Modern Emulation

Iconic Companion to the Hammond Organ


Captivating Three-Dimensional Sound

Customization and Control

Leslie Speakers

Whether you opt for a vintage Leslie cabinet or a modern emulation, owning a Leslie speaker allows you to capture the classic sound and add a touch of vintage charm to your recordings or live performances.

The unique sound and effects of the Leslie speaker can inspire creativity and push your musical boundaries, opening up new sonic possibilities and adding depth to your compositions.

Come and visit our showroom at Bernie's Music Land to experience the unique Leslie feel for yourself. Explore the timeless charm and unmatched sound of the Leslie speaker and take your music to the next level.