Bernies Music Land has scoured the world to bring you the best value and most enjoyable instruments. Come and experience the large range of Orla digital pianos today at Bernies Music Land.

Orla offers the culmination of European style; with instruments designed and sampled at the laboratory in Italy.

Discover the joy of playing with simple and elegant digital keyboards. Designed to enhance your playing experience, the instruments combine cutting-edge technology with timeless craftsmanship. From beginners to seasoned pianists, ORLA offers a welcoming and affordable solution for every musician.

Orla instruments are thoughtfully crafted to provide an exceptional playing experience, whether you’re practising at home, performing on stage, or recording in the studio.


Exceptional Performance. Budget Price

Simple, high quality instruments

Premium European sound samples

Loved in Australia for over 10 years

Generations of Expertise


The Orla story began when Nazzareno Orlandoni created a company to manufacture parts for accordions and reed organs in 1957. Joined by his brother-in-law, he chose the name ORLA and in 1965 established a factory in Castelfidardo, the musical instrument capital of Italy. The company went into the production of electronic organs and quickly established a reputation in the world market.

Today, the Orla company still operates in Italy where its Board of Directors is the second generation of the founder’s families. Orla artists from Italy, England, Germany and Holland, design, sample and perfect each sound for a result that is musically rewarding to play. Each model is built solid, like the beautiful grand piano whose cabinet is built in a piano cabinet factory.

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Australian dealer-backed warranty and service support just a phone call away.

Huge stock right here at Bernies Music Land, Ringwood, Melbourne.

Already more than 10 years of sales in Australia with happy customers in schools, venues, studios and homes.

Fabulous playing experience and best-selling model for home and school. Come and see huge range of Orla on display.

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Portable Digital Pianos

Cabinet Digital Pianos

Digital Grand Pianos

Discover a world of delightful pianist experiences with our fun, light, and easy-to-play instruments. Immerse yourself in the inviting and affordable playing experience we offer, designed to bring joy to your musical journey. Explore our range of digital pianos and unlock the perfect harmony between simplicity and sophistication. Join us and let the music flow effortlessly through your fingertips.

At Bernies Music Land, we offer an extensive ORLA display for you.

  • Beautiful Italian design and refined European sound samples.
  • Quailty build; Orla instruments are built with metal frames and quality timbers.
  • Beautifully constructed compact digital pianos for a superb pianistic experience at a budget price.
  • Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pianist, Orla instruments provide the perfect platform for your musical aspirations.


Featuring Our Sensational Resident Artist, Jon Wade


Orla Stage Concert Runout Digital Piano

Orla Cabinet CDP 101 Runout Digital Piano

Orla Digital Pianos in Australia

Orla 500 Digital Grand Piano in Melbourne Home

  • In a private home the leafy suburbs of east Melbourne, this Orla 500 Grand Piano is a real showpiece.
  • Admired for its stunning real timber cabinet and breathtaking sound, this Orla grand piano is a musical partner to enjoy for years to come.

Orla 500 Digital Grand Piano at Parliament House

  • The Orla Grand 500 Piano’s presence within these hallowed halls added an extra layer of splendour to our nation’s iconic Parliament House, at the recent Melbourne Opera special event.
  • The Orla 500 in gloss white was hired for this prestigious event, where it was the perfect performance partner to some of Australia’s finest opera singers.


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