Bernstein 140A Pre-Loved Baby Grand


Pre-Loved Grand Piano

Original price was: $8,995.00.Current price is: $7,990.00.

Bernstein 140A Baby Grand Piano, Premium Pre-Loved

Discover your chance to own a gorgeous compact grand piano in your home!

The Bernstein 140 Baby Grand Piano is gentle and welcoming to play, with a light touch to suit any pianist.

It delivers clear and delicate tone throughout all registers.

With some good volume change, this is a pleasant instrument for hobby playing.

Proudly manufactured by Samick to Bernstein’s unique standards and specifications, you can see this instrument has stood the test of time and offers many years of musical enjoyment ahead.

Polished light mahogany in good condition.

Dimensions: 142cm long, 140cm deep

Tuned and meticulously prepared by our technical team, this is a lovely piano for a compact space.

Now is your chance to own a quality pre-loved grand piano at a great price, be quick!