Bernstein 172 Classic Pre-Loved Grand Piano

A lively and brilliant instrument, Perfect for a large space.

Gloss black in excellent condition. Be quick to try it!


Add a touch of elegance to your venue, studio or home, with this brilliant pre-loved piano!

Perfect for a large space, the Bernstein Classic grand piano delivers generous European tone and plenty of volume.

The action is light and allows good control of the volume range.

Buying a second-hand piano at Bernies Music Land brings not only musical enjoyment, but peace of mind not often found when buying pre-loved instruments.

Each of our second-hand pianos:

  • Is meticulously prepared by our technical team, inside and out. Weeks of care, preparation and craftsmanship are completed so the piano is in optimal condition to offers you the best enjoyment possible.
  • Is tested to hold tune at A440 and free from major faults so you can enjoy for many years.
  • Comes with a warranty and Bernies Music Land’s renowned service support.

This model includes exclusive Bernstein features;

  • Acclaimed “Klaus Fenner Design” with premium German Roslau strings for rich tonal quality.
  • 21-ply laminated pin block with blue steel nickel plated pins for lifelong strength and tuning stability.
  • Multi-layered soundboard crafted from quarter-warm white Sitka Spruce for full, resonant sound.
  • “Royal George” hammers made of Australian wool for comfortable touch.
  • Built with top specifications for the Australian climate.

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