Bernstein Conservatory 178 Grand Piano

Best selling model, Ideal for both intimate performances and larger venues due to its versatile sound projection.

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The Bernstein Conservatory 178 Grand Piano

A sensational grand piano for stage, studio or home use.

The Bernstein BHG178 Conservatory is a performance piano designed for the advanced-level pianist.

Designed to meet the demands of a very large range of repertoire, the Bernstein 178 handles all musical styles with comfort and beautiful tonal accuracy.

Particularly enjoyable is the professional action, offering quick and accurate control of the extensive dynamic range. With pleasant weight, it is comfortable for pianists of all ages.

This popular model is owned by many music teachers and professionals who comment on what an impressive "work-horse" it is.

Having won the Six Star Award in France (see article below), the Bernstein 178 offers a perfect balance in all registers and great dynamic possibilities.

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Ideal for:

Home use, studio use, classroom and small performance space.

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Experience the Bernstein Standard

Using the finest European standards in design and experience, Bernstein produces instruments of distinction.

Each instrument boasts the finest AAA grade soundboard spruce sourced from Siberian mountain-spruce, supreme German Roslaü strings, and hand-picked Wurzen hammer felt from Germany. Bernstein only selects the finest materials to offer you a premium piano.

Bernstein’s dedication to precision provides optimal implementation of high-tech machines and indispensable mastery and quality control, resulting in Bernstein’s benchmark instruments which are acclaimed and revered worldwide.

Bernstein Hailun 178 Grand Piano Awarded Six Stars In French Piano Testing

(Excerpt taken from MMR Magazine)

Although it may guarantee pianist objectivity, the blinded test also allows for pleasant surprises, which is the case for this Hailun piano. Our musicians are immediately enchanted by the 178. Prisca Benoît finds it “full of possibilities in all registers, which are very balanced, not too powerful but sound very good, both clear and muted.” It is “ideal for playing very lightly, and particularly pleasant, as it allows for great subtlety.”

Just as enamoured, François Dumont is convinced he is playing a Steinway! He praises “the sophistication
of the sound, its fullness and generosity, with clear high notes, magnificent middle registers, and mellow low registers.”

In terms of the piano itself, “the firmness and suppleness are optimum, enabling total control of the dynamics.” Like Prisca Benoît, he emphasises the fact that the instrument “does not, at first glance, show that it needs to be tamed to reveal the distinction and nobility of its tones.” As for the pedals, they are also
of high quality, and the use of the una corda produces a real change of tone in the pianissimos.

The finishes, treated remarkably well, add the final touches to this piano, whose qualities are as astonishing as the modesty of its price.

Strong points:
Sophistication of the sound.
- Homogeneity of registers.
- Dynamic possibilities.

Weak points:
- Instrument requires a very high level from the pianist in order to display its richness.

Design: Austria.
Construction: Hailun Company, China.
Australian Distributor: Musico Pty Ltd / Bernstein Australia.

Colour / Finish: 

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