Discover the Classic Organ Workshop

A Workshop for Pianists and Church Musicians




A Workshop for Pianists and Church Musicians

Saturday 11th May, 10.00am to 1.00pm

The classic organ is still the best instrument for worship, creating a sound that sits above and below the voice range.

Here at Bernies Music Land, we are passionate about supporting the development of classic organists. This excellent workshop offers great skill and confidence-building for organists of all levels.  Come and discover useful tips for setting up and playing this majestic instrument for a great sound result.

The workshop will include;

  • An introduction to the history of the classic organ while we look at our iconic Fincham pipe organ here in the showrooms
  • Overview of organ console styles and the difference between pipe and electronic organs.
  • Understanding stop names and families of sound.
  • Explore stop combinations for tonal colours.
  • Discover fundamental differences in piano and organ playing technique.
  • Playing with or without pedals.
  • Easy registrations, and more.

Join us in Australia’s largest dedicated classical organ showroom for a detailed presentation by Craig Douglass (Organ Division Manager) and special guest organ teacher, Rhys Arvidson.

Rhys Arvidson is a graduate of the University of Newcastle Conservatorium where he gained a B. Mus. Honours in Pipe Organ Performance. Since establishing himself in Melbourne in 2008, Rhys has kept busy as the organist of St Peter’s Eastern Hill, an organist at St Francis’ Lonsdale Street, and the director of the award-winning St Francis’ Youth Choir (now called St Francis’ Young Adult Choir.) Rhys is also organist for the Christ Church Grammar Chapel Choir. He has also performed with a number of choirs around Melbourne such as Gloriana Chamber Choir, Australian Boys Choir, and Choristry.

Whether you are a pianist, an occasional organist or a regular organist, this insightful workshop will provide you with many great playing tips for creating balanced sound on the classic organ.

Come and discover all things organ, meet other organists and learn how easy it can be to create balanced, beautiful organ sounds on any instrument.

Special Church group pricing available.

Venue: Held in the classic organ room at Bernies Music Land, 381 Canterbury Road, Ringwood.

Date: Saturday 11th May, 2024, 10.00am to 1.00pm

Tickets: $65 each, including notes and morning tea.

Booking Essential: purchase now or please call us on 9872 5122.

Since 1977, Bernies Music Land has been passionate about the classic organ. Our team of organ specialists includes active organists, organ teachers, and skilled organ designers to offer advice and recommend or create your ideal organ.

Playing the classic organ is a joy and we look forward to encouraging you on your musical journey.