FS – 9H

Handy foot pedal when your hands are busy.

Built to control digital Leslie fast/slow effect.


FS-9H Foot Switch: Unleash Hands-Free Harmony for your Hammond Organ!

The Hammond FS-9H Foot Switch is a versatile and essential accessory designed for use with Hammond organs. This allows musicians to take full control of their instrument's functions, hands-free, enhancing their performance experience to new heights.

Whether you're a seasoned Hammond enthusiast or a new player, this footswitch is the perfect addition to your setup, unlocking a new level of creativity and expression with your Hammond organ.

Available at Bernies Music Land, the Hammond FS-9H Foot Switch is a must-have for any Hammond organ player seeking enhanced performance control and a seamless musical experience.

Delivery is available Australia-wide. Please call us on 03 9872 5122 for a great delivery quote as the rate varies by location.

Take your organ playing to new heights with this versatile and reliable footswitch.