Hailun Academy 150S Grand Piano

The Hailun 150S is an exceptionally well-crafted baby grand piano.

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Hailun Pianos – A Collaboration of the Worlds Finest Piano Designers

Highly Acclaimed Precise Performance Pianos

Rich, rounded sound and huge dynamic vibrancy are key features of the highly acclaimed Hailun Academy series.

The 150S model offers many refined features not often found in baby grand pianos, including Hailun's acclaimed professional action for incredibly precise pianistic control.

Pianists are pleasantly surprised by the impressive, huge sound for its size.

This model delivers glorious, strong sound with a remarkably full, rounded tone thanks to the premium European components.

Each Hailun model features premium ebony wood black keys and the breathtaking bird's eye maple trim on the inside rim.

Hailun Pianos embody a rich legacy of exemplary craftsmanship, engineering, and innovation, embodying the relentless pursuit of perfection in piano manufacturing.

Their fusion of traditional piano-making artistry with state-of-the-art technology has earned them global acclaim for their exceptional instruments.

Limited stock, please call 03 9872 5122.

Ideal for:

Home, studio or small stage use.

Enjoy exceptional performance at a budget-friendly price today.

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