Hammond XK-5

XK5 provides all the key features and sounds that are found on many of the ‘classic’ Hammonds.

The new original has taken Hammond technology to new heights.


Introducing the XK5: The New Original™ Hammond Organ.

An exceptional instrument that combines the timeless essence of classic Hammonds with cutting-edge technology.

This is the organ for the serious Hammond player. The XK5's completely new Hammond sound generation technology delivers truly authentic tones for those who demand the best in a portable instrument. Experience the rich warmth of real tube pre-amp and versatility of a variable control for adding tube overdrive-even select the type of tube you prefer.

Available at Bernies Music Land

Elegantly encased in an iconic wooden cabinet, the XK5 exudes the tradional Hammond appearance and style. Combine it with the XLK5 lower manual and optional turned wooden stand to achieve that globally recognized 'signature instrument profile'.

Delivery is available Australia-wide. Please call us on 03 9872 5122 for a great delivery quote as the rate varies by location.

Why hassle with maintaining and moving an antique Hammond when you can have all the sound and more with the XK-5? It's time to embrace The New Original™ - the XK5 Hammond Organ.


Watch our resident artist play the fabulous XK5 Hammond Organ!