Johannus LiVE III AGO


  • Authentic pipe organ sound reproduction
  • Built-in audio system with high-quality speakers for immersive sound experience
  • Suitable for use in churches, concert halls, and home environments
  • Now on display at Bernies Music Land, please give us a call at 9872 5122 or visit us in Ringwood to know more.
  • LiVE: Fly around Europe and beyond at the push of a button without having to leave your home. That is the LiVE Series. Authentic and complete historic organs with no long start up times or the need for peripheral devices. From slimline 2 and 3-manual tab models to the grandeur of Positive style consoles with illuminated draw stops or wooden draw stops with changing e-paper stop labels, the choice is yours. As is the ever-expanding library of organ sample sets.
  • Choose from historic Baroque organs by Vater-Muller, Silbermann, Batz and Schnitger, sonorous organs from Hill, Willis and Sauer, the grand Symphonic presence of Cavaille-Coll and Adema, your choices do not stop there. Names like Casavant and Maarschalkerweerd also feature in the library.
  • Store up to five organs in your console, change them at the press of a button and upload new sample sets via USB, all at lightning-fast speed and all fully self-contained all thanks to the exclusive DS Core ® technology.
  • The LiVE III AGO represents the pinnacle of Johannus research and development for home organs. Fully featured with 250 divisional and general pistons, sub and super couplers and the iconic e-paper stop labels, all with instant start up and no computer required. Effortlessly switch between your preloaded choices of complete historic organs and experience the ambience of 4 different listening positions thanks to the revolutionary near-field audio system pioneered by Johannus, all without having to leave your own home.
  • For information on the current library of historic organs available for the LiVE series please contact our specialist consultant today.
  • Suggested Accessories:  Organ Master Shoes


Service and support:

  • Our specialist in-house team are experienced organists and church musicians, on hand to assist clients all over Australia. Be guided by our creative expertise to select or design an organ to suit your individual requirements, from consultation to installation.
  • Bernies Music Land offers outstanding support even after the expiration of your warranty. With factory trained staff, in-house technicians as well as an Australia-wide network of support staff.

Shipping and availability:

  • Shipping for this product is available Australia-wide. please give us a call at 9872 5122 or visit us in Ringwood to discuss further.


About Johannus

  • The founder of Johannus, Hans Versteegt, believed that the pipe organ should be accessible to everyone. This vision has been an important principle for Johannus since 1968.
  • Johannus are passionate about organ building. This passion is passed down from father to son, and this is how Johannus became a family business. We are united in our passion for organ music. Johannus employs people who share this passion: lovers of organ music, audio specialists, musicians, technicians. We pursue our mission together every day: to make the organ accessible to all