Johannus Ecclesia T370

  • Ideal for use in churches, cathedrals, and larger performance spaces.
  • Intuitive control panel and easy-to-use interface for seamless operation.
  • Now on Display at Bernies Music Land for a firsthand demonstration and expert guidance.

Ecclesia: The Ecclesia series was born from a desire to build a church organ without compromise. An organ that will offer the church organist every resource they need to inspire their congregation and with a wide range of options to fully match the organ to specific needs of any congregation.

From compact 2-manual models that are either self-contained or with a matched set of external speakers through to the new-release DS Core ® Series. The new-release DS Core ® models represent a new era in authentic sound quality, whether for church, cathedral or performance space.

From the quietest whisper at the most devotional point in a church service to the majesty of a processional, accompanying a singer or cantor or to fully support and inspire your congregation to a new level of praise and worship, the Ecclesia range can do it all. The magic of Ecclesia does not stop there.

Every Ecclesia model is perfectly matched to the interior space by our in-house factory certified organ voicer to optimise the interaction of the organ and acoustic environment. The new Ds Core ® models also allow your choice of up to six complete organ sample sets, all accessible at the press of a button with no long start up times.

Whether English Cathedral Romantic, Dutch Romantic, American Classic Symphonic, French Symphonic, North and South German Baroque, you can now choose the sample sets that best fit your needs and choose more sample sets along the way as your needs change.

It is also possible to add astonishingly realistic instrumental voice sets via the Solo and Symphony Sound Packages, add toe studs and wooden-core keyboards via the professional package and just as importantly, match the colour of your console to blend with your space.

The church organ that doesn’t compromise.


Service and support:

Our specialist in-house team are experienced organists and church musicians, on hand to assist clients all over Australia. Be guided by our creative expertise to select or design an organ to suit your individual requirements, from consultation to installation.

Bernies Music Land offers outstanding support even after the expiration of your warranty. With factory trained staff, in-house technicians as well as an Australia-wide network of support staff.


Shipping and availability:

Shipping for this product is available Australia-wide. please give us a call at 9872 5122 or visit us in Ringwood to discuss further.


About Johannus

The founder of Johannus, Hans Versteegt, believed that the pipe organ should be accessible to everyone. This vision has been an important principle for Johannus since 1968.

Johannus are passionate about organ building. This passion is passed down from father to son, and this is how Johannus became a family business. We are united in our passion for organ music. Johannus employs people who share this passion: lovers of organ music, audio specialists, musicians, technicians. We pursue our mission together every day: to make the organ accessible to all.