Johannus Studio P350

  • Beautiful 3 manual ‘Positive’ design cabinet with advanced near field audio.
  • Well equipped with features including lighted drawstops and four voicing suites.
  • Ideal for all organ players.
  • Suitable for use in home, studio, stage and chapel.
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  • Studio Positive : The Studio series started out as the most accessible range in the Johannus model line-up. The new Studio Positive models is a natural progression for those desiring the look and feel of a drawstop cabinet at an attractrive price with compromise on sound.
  • The Positive series equipped with high quality audio that is further enhanced by a near-field upper audio structure and HCS ® Harmonic Contour Sampling. With gently illuminated drawstops at your sides, Studio is your perfect home practice companion.
  • Enhanced with  4 voicing suites, Romantic | Symphonic | Baroque| Historic, 12 real-time reverbs, 11 temperaments, tracker touch keyboards and headphone socket, you will fall in love with the Studio from your very first note. Choose from the 28 stop, two-manual Studio P150 or the added versatility of a third manual and two orchestral stops with the 37 stop, three-manual Studio P350 – both equipped with the 30 – note RACO pedalboard exclusively for the Australian organist. The contemporary, sleek designs of the Studio range will compliment any décor. Unlock your organist potential with a new Studio model today.
  • Suggested Accessories:  Organ Master Shoes


Johannus Studio P350 Stop List: 

Pedal Great Swell Positive
Principal 16′ Bourdon 16′ Stopped Flute 8′ Bourdon 8′
Subbass 16′ Principal 8′ Viola di Gamba 8′ Flute 4′
Octavebass 8′ Rohrflute 8′ Vox Celeste 8′ Nazard 2 2/3′
Gedackt 8′ Gamba 8′ Principal 4′ Flute 2′
Choralbass 4′ Octave 4′ Koppelflute 4′ Tierce 1 3/5′
Contra Trumpet 16′ Open Flute 4′ Flute Twelfth 2 2/3’ Larigot 1 1/3’
Trumpet 8′ Twelfth 2 2/3’ Waldflute 2′ Sifflute 1′
Positive – Pedal Octave 2′ Scharff III Mixture III
Great – Pedal Cornet IV Fagotto 16′ Cromorne 8′
Swell – Pedal Mixture IV Oboe 8′ Tremulant
Trumpet 8′ Tremulant Swell – Choir
MIDI Tremulant
MIDI Pedal Positive – Great Solo stops
MIDI Positive Swell – Great Pan flute
MIDI Great Trumpet
MIDI Swell


Service and support:

  • Our specialist in-house team are experienced organists and church musicians, on hand to assist clients all over Australia. Be guided by our creative expertise to select or design an organ to suit your individual requirements, from consultation to installation.
  • Bernies Music Land offers outstanding support even after the expiration of your warranty. With factory trained staff, in-house technicians as well as an Australia-wide network of support staff.


Shipping and availability:

  • Shipping for this product is available Australia-wide. please give us a call at 9872 5122 or visit us in Ringwood to discuss further.


About Johannus

  • The founder of Johannus, Hans Versteegt, believed that the pipe organ should be accessible to everyone. This vision has been an important principle for Johannus since 1968.
  • Johannus are passionate about organ building. This passion is passed down from father to son, and this is how Johannus became a family business. We are united in our passion for organ music. Johannus employs people who share this passion: lovers of organ music, audio specialists, musicians, technicians. We pursue our mission together every day: to make the organ accessible to all.