Monarke Custom Made

Custom made to your exact specifications:


  • Custom stoplist
  • Powerful audio
  • DS Core Sound Quality
  • Individually designed

Monarke is Johannus at its very best. Every Monarke organ is custom designed and skillfully crafted to our clients design, from drawing board to finger-tips!

Meticulous designs, exquisite consoles and stop choices are all combined with the pinnacle of Johannus sound technology, the lighting fast DS Core processor. Monarke takes sound quality to breathtaking new heights when voiced to perfection by our in-house factory trained organ specialist.

We graciously welcome you to explore the world of Monarke and design the organ of your dreams, whether for home, church, cathedral or performance space.

You are in sound company with Monarke. Recent installations at Macquarie University Graduation Hall and Wendouree Centre for Performing Arts attest to specialist knowledge and skills required to plan, build, install and voice Monarke organs.