VFP – 1

Plugin pedal to give you full control over the piano sustain.


VFP-1 Pedal Board: Unleash Expressive Aristry on Your Hammond Organ!

The VFP-1 Pedal Board is a sustain and damper pedal designed for use with Hammond organs. This essential accessory enhances the playing experience for organists, providing precise and expressive control over sustain and damping effects.

The pedal board is built with robust construction, ensuring durability and reliability during performances and studio sessions. Its ergonomic design and responsive action allow for a comfortable and natural playing experince.

Now Available

Delivery is available Australia-wide. Please call us on 03 9872 5122 for a great delivery quote as the rate varies by location.

Whether you are a professional organist or a passionate player, the VFP-1 Pedal Board is an Indispensable addition to your Hammond organ setup. It enables you to achieve greater musical expression, elevating your performances to new levels of artistry.