Discover The Most Highly-Awarded, Frequently Played Authentic German Pianos In The World

Schimmel stands as a testament to over a century’s worth of innovation, engineering, expertise and passion for musical instrument design. Crafted in Braunschweig, Germany. With a wide product range to suit any space and situation Schimmel pianos will provide you with a beautiful centre point for any room or performance.

Germany’s largest and most awarded piano manufacturer promises to delight the eyes and ears. This highly awarded grand piano range provides models for home, studio, school and performance venue.


Prestigious luxury brand

 100% made in Germany ( Classic and Konzert )

150 years of incredible history


Loved by musicians

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  • Schimmel is proud to be one of the few manufacturers who have received ‘Made in Germany’ certifications for their Konzert and Classic collections – products that are still being made in Braunschweig, Germany.
  • Each instrument is hand crafted in Schimmel's own plant in Brunswick, Germany, by 220 skilled piano builders.
  • Each year Schimmel grand and upright pianos have recieved top awards for tonal and playing characteristics.

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Our Famous Australian Installations

C213 at Rippon Lea Estate, Elsternwick
  • Owned by the National Trust of Australia (vic) and the Team of Pianists.
  • Meticulous planning and attention to detail by our team ensured a smooth installation process.
  • It has the tonal range and depth that every pianist needs for a full array of emotional expression.

The K 280 Konzert Grand at St. Paul's Cathedral, Melbourne
  • The K 280 Konzert piano, renowned for its exceptional sound and craftsmanship, has been featured at St. Paul's Cathedral.
  • Renowned pianists from around the world have showcased their virtuosity on the K 280 Konzert piano, captivating audiences with its rich tones and expressive capabilities.
  • Overall, the installation of the K 280 Konzert piano at St. Paul's Cathedral enhances the visual appeal, atmosphere, and cultural significance of the church, enriching the overall experience for visitors and worshippers alike

The Plexiglas C 213 grand piano, Sydney
  • The Schimmel Plexiglas 213 combines modern aesthetics with exceptional sound quality, featuring a high-quality soundboard and precision engineering to deliver a rich and resonant tone.
  • The piano's transparent design not only showcases its internal mechanisms but also allows the interplay of light and reflections, creating an ethereal and captivating visual experience.
  • Its installation in this apartment overlooking the Sydney Opera House provides a harmonious blend of architectural magnificence and musical artistry, offering residents and guests an extraordinary sensory experience.
The Victorian Music Teacher’s Association’s Schimmel C 213 Grand Piano
  • House at St. Peters Anglican Church in Box Hill, the Victorian Music Teachers Association’s Schimmel Grand Piano is a testament to the fruitful years which are enjoyed by owning a Schimmel piano.
  • Used regularly, this wonderful piano offers glorious tonal qualities and a superb playing experience for pianists of all ages.
The Royal South Street’s Schimmel Pianoforte Competition
  • Schimmel pianos is delighted to be selected as the premium piano for the Royal South Street Eisteddfod and the renowned Chopin Piano Competition held each year in Ballarat.
  • Exceptional performers flourish with outstanding pianos and Bernies Music Land is proud to support these events.