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icon-img Centuries of Dutch organ-building craftsmanship blend seamlessly with the most innovative digital sampling systems for an exceptional organ experience at home, church, concert hall, and everywhere in between.
icon-img Loved by teachers and students, Bernstein has a rich history in Australia. Bernstein pianos are built to the highest European and Australian standards. Bernstein pianos are crafted with modern production techniques using the finest materials.
icon-img The single most influential keyboard in musical history now has a new generation. Hammond’s unique authentic sound is now found in an impressive range of stage, studio and home organs. An iconic instrument without comparison.
icon-img Since 1965 Orla has been a leader in the organ and digital keyboard industry. Today, Orla pianos offer elegant Italian design and an exceptional piano experience. Orla is the perfect musical partner for beginners and professional players alike.
icon-img Leslie speakers are the ideal companion for a Hammond. The authentic and exceptionally lush Leslie sound now comes in models from portable to ear shattering touring models. Get the real thing.
icon-img The exceptional sound and touch experience from Germany’s largest and most awarded piano builder. Bernies Music Land proudly offers the world’s finest pianos for stage, studio and home.

Our Story

Bernies Music Land is a piano and organ superstore, a family business with over 45 years of trusted experience. We are proud to be recognised as the go-to destination for all your piano and organ needs. Our commitment to community involvement and sponsorships has earned us a reputation for providing professional advice that you can rely on. We are known for offering top-quality instruments and famous installations that have delighted countless musicians and music lovers alike. We take pride in helping our customers find the right musical experience. Located in Melbourne, right next to the EastLink Canterbury Road exit, Bernies Music Land is now easy to find and quick to access. At our piano and organ superstore, we believe in delivering great quality and value for money to our customers.

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Digital Keyboards

Precision and Passion Combined

Expert Craftsmanship for Custom Organ Design and Installation. At Bernie's Music Land, we specialize in customizing organs to bring your musical ideas to life. With meticulous planning and installation, our in-house specialists meticulously voice the instrument for a balanced, sonorous result. Visit us to explore our expertise in custom organ design and experience the artistry firsthand.

Your Music, Our Expertise!

Since 1977, Bernies Music Land has been a trusted source of advice for musicians and music professionals. Whether you are starting your musical journey or reaching new levels, Bernies Music Land can help you plan your journey and advise the right instrument to meet your needs. Our exceptional team of in-house specialists includes performing organists and pianists, piano tuners and service technicians. Whether you need to trouble shoot or gain advice, our specialists are at your service to support your ongoing musical enjoyment.

Enhance Your Musical Journey With Us

Your musical enjoyment begins at Bernies Music Land, with our fabulous range of lessons, workshops, clinics, and events to support your musical development.

Achieve your musical goals with our weekly piano and organ lessons, curated to your needs with outstanding teachers you will love.

Learn, participate, and be inspired here at Bernies!

Looking for the perfect piano, organ, or theory music book?

Look no further than Bernies Music Land in Ringwood! Our store in Melbourne offers an extensive range of both educational and popular books, catering to every need and preference. The piano music selection includes many examination board books, as well as new pop releases, classical compilations, jazz selections and more. The organ music range includes Suzuki Organ Method books, Hammond organ collections, classical organ tutorial books, as well as popular and classical organ books.

What our customers say about us

Ben Plant
Ben Plant
August 31, 2023
Picked up a really nice Orla Stage Concert Digital Piano from Bernie's Music Land last week. Was a great improvement from the Yamaha I had used, both in feel and sound. Great customer service too - would highly recommend dropping in for all things piano, keyboard and hammond-related!
Chee Ng
Chee Ng
June 9, 2023
There are plenty of new and used piano for sale. Excellent service and very friendly
charlie jackson
charlie jackson
April 16, 2023
Starting my piano journey at 50, I popped-in to see if they had a bench. They couldn't be more helpful. Despite being clueless, and a complete beginner, there was absolutely zero snobbery that I was at the lower-end of the market. They were so good, and took me around the shop, showing the whole range of piano's - up to $300k! Completely fed my curiosity in an unrushed and unbiased way. Seriously, this is some of the best customer service I've experienced in a long time. Amazing and thank you!
Matt Owens
Matt Owens
March 18, 2023
Michelle is really helpful.
Lachlan Drummond
Lachlan Drummond
January 13, 2023
Good range of Hammond organs. But a diagnosis of a fault and repair of my SK1, with no parts, and only one hour labour cost $340. On follow up they deducted the $95 inspection cost, bringing it back to $245, which was fair and responsive. Alan was very helpful.
Senko Salihbegovic
Senko Salihbegovic
September 3, 2022
Loved the place. Everyone is really nice, I had an amazing experience buying my new Hammond keyboard. Whatever you need, Bernie & team will take care of you!
Vi Hu
Vi Hu
September 22, 2021
Really fantastic people behind Bernies Music Land - very supportive of young musicians! It's a family owned business so it just feels different to any other music store, would highly recommend stopping by.
Chris Hamilton
Chris Hamilton
May 8, 2021
Absolutely wonderful experience and people